BATI-BATI 39 all Games Pack [FU-TEN BBS B39-0]

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[BATI-BATI 39 all game pack against Daisuke Ikeda (heaven wind) return to the ally and confrontation with team Octopus and Takeshi Ono (wind heaven)! Produce the shutters is a currently ongoing a two fight emerging also in the memoirs of one step! ( Journal: 9/26/2010 プラザソル lazona Kawasaki, Kanagawa ) «recording game» the third game the second game スルガマナブ the first game, vs Kazuki Okubo, 野橋 taro vs piece man"bridge Makoto vs the 4th game Koichiro Kimura, tamon Honda & Mashimo & sekine Ryuichi vs バラモンシュウ & バラモンケイ & Takahiro OBA the last maturity t. ※ all Nagai vs Takeshi Ono 5 games, game, shutters and 30 minute rule a single-throw

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