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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

【What's Download shopping mall?】  About Download shopping mall XCREAM

【Shopping Guide】 About the flow to purchase, and the purchase method

【How to use XCREAM】 How does XCREAM Free Membership work?、Purchase history 、the change method of a password and the E-mail address、How to secede.

【About Download】How to Download、fail download、Re download

【Payment methods】 Credit card、Using foreign country

【DRM(Digital Rights Management)】 What's DRM(Digital Rights Management)?

【Movie streaming】 The videos aren't working properly! What's wrong? 、Too noisy、What's streaming period?

【Error topic】 Terminplogy、 Error message

【Others】 I couldn't send E-mail、My PC was broken、Duplicated order、Macintosh environment