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What is Download shopping mall?

We are a shopping mall where you can purchase and download movies, music, photographs, texts, and other materials.

Unlike your typical mail order services, you don't have to order, wait for the item to arrive and then pay by cash. You can download and watch or listen to the items you purchased right away!

We also have an abundance of different genres - everything from business, music, movies, anime, drama, variety programming, and cultural/special interests -- just to name a few!

We also have many items, like movie productions or artists, which are only available for purchase by download.

Please feel free to download and try for yourself. Enjoy!

Shopping guide

【About the flow to purchase 】

  Please put goods needed into a shopping cart.
  ※Please check the contents of the shopping cart.
  「Go to Purchasing screen」Please push a button.
Please choose means of settlement and input a required item.
「Pay by credit card」Please push a button.
Please push Download button and download file.

【How to purchase XCREAM contents】

Please enter [Click here to purchase] page and please select the distribution format.

Please push [Add to cart] button、and move purchasing procedure.

Please confirm inside Shopping cart.

and then、
・If you are XCREAM member(Already registerd), Please continue purchasing procedure.
・If you are First user to purchase XCREAM contents, please register from Free membership registration

Please confirm inside Shopping cart、Please push [Go to purchasing screen] button.

Please select payment method
How to purchase Credit card

After paying 、Please push Download link button、
and Please preserve the file inside your PC .

You can download it from The purchase history page

※What's the distribution format?

You can check Product streaming period(Non period、7days streaming)and Bit rate(

How to use XCREAM

【About free membership registration】

You can use XCREAM, when you registered free membership.

At the top of XCREAM web site, There is Free membership registration button
※ You can register as a member free of charge after putting all the items you want in the shopping cart by checking the "first-time user" box.Free membership registration

An e-mail entitledFree membership registration
will be sent to the e-mail address you used to sign up.
To complete your registration, click on the link in the body of the e-mail.

"Temporary registration was completed. Please follow the instructions in the registration process incoming mail."
Will be displayed.

Submitted to the registered email address
"Registered XCREAM membership mail" You will receive,
To complete your registration, please click the link in the email body.

When you click, you will be logged in and redirected to XCREAM's top page.

You choose the goods of your choice, and please settle accounts and download from a shopping cart.

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【User information】

In xcream, We have managed E-mail address.

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【User ID】

User ID is E-mail address.
※You can still log in even if you cannot receive e-mail at the address you used to register. In that case, please log in and change your registered e-mail address.
 When you forgot registered E-mail address、Please inquire from XCREAM Support.
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【The purchase history】

Purchased products can be downloaded again. The purchase history

The purchase history page

• Your computer broke down.
• You bought a new computer.
• Your computer's memory was full, so you deleted it.
In those case、You can be downloaded again from The purchase history page

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【How to change E-mail address and password】

Change of mail address and password can be changed from user information change page.

user information change page

• How to change your registered e-mail
Enter your desired e-mail in the form (space) and press the Send button.

• How to change your password
Enter your desired password in the form (space) and press the Send button.

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【How to secede】

XCREAM inquiry Please indicate it as "I want to secede", and push a transmitting button.

We will confirm your e-mail address, then delete your registration information.

※ Caution
You will no longer be able to re-download items you have purchased.

We do not store your credit card information; transactions are handled by the clearing corporation ZEUS.

If you close your account, when you erase your registration information, your credit card data will be deleted.

If you continue to use it, when you make a purchase, check "buy with another card," and enter a new credit card number.

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