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collection of [ Outdoor muddy 4 DM9 series's] photographs


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This product is a collection of [ Outdoor muddy 4 (DM9 series's)] photographs, containing 2 works of DM9 series. There are 'Muddy treasure hunting '(DM9-1), and 'Muddy baseball practice'(DM9-2). These two pieces make this collection! [Total 507 images]

1,Muddy treasure hunting DM9-1 (307 images)
2,Muddy baseball practice DM9-2 (200 images)

In this work, a Japanese cute college girl who appeared in 'Muddy enlistment examination ' appears again and becomes muddy!

1,Muddy treasure hunting
She wears a outfit for office; office uniform whose color is light pink. She does treasure hunting game in a survival game ground, her uniform covering with mud step by step!While she changed her clothes, I hid "three color stones" which I regarded them as treasure in a area in the survival game ground. She had to look for all of them within ten minutes. This is a play performed in earnest between us.If she can find out all of them in the time limits, she will be winner! Otherwise she is to receive a punishment game, getting muddy on mud! Although she has already become dirty with mud looking for treasure.....

2,Muddy baseball practice
In this scene a model acts as a member of the women's baseball team. She does some types of muscle training, fielding practice, running(sliding) and so on while becoming muddy.She came to college ground to participate in baseball club activity after interview for jobs. So she wore new recruitment suit whose color is black now. To make matters worse, she forgot uniform for exercise and baseball globe. Because her head was full with interview! As baseball tournament would be near, she couldn't be absent from an exercise to acquire first-string players. Therefore she was obliged to do exercise with her recruitment suit on muddy ground! After stretching she moved to muddy ground to do fielding practice. Because she forgot her baseball glove, she had to catch a ball with her bare hands. She was hard to move due to wearing her suit, her suit becoming dirty step by step. After fielding practice, she did exercise of sliding containing headfirst slide! Her suit became more and more muddy. At last, she covered her suit with mud by herself! Up until just a while ago, her suit(a tight skirt and jacket), lily‐white blouse, pantyhose and pumps were fresh, they became all muddy. The scene is beyond a doubt the best part!

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