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Rhythmic gymnastics

Product number: BMD-206
Series: 新体操MANIAX
Director: 染谷孝至
Star: うさみ恭香 まりあまい 森山いずみ
Playback time: 140分
Genre: Others
Dealers: Bigmorkal co., Ltd.

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TypeImage qualityReplay time
mp4 1,200kbps
48 minute, 37 seconds
mp4 1,100kbps
53 minute, 3 seconds
mp4 1,150kbps
38 minute, 0 seconds

Product Information

Rhythmic girls who admire the glittering Leotard clad any hips and ガクガク, Ascension without dressing! bawdy document beautiful maidens unfolded gymnasium stage! Chibiusa in supple body shrouded in kyoka Leotard! hovering mid-air amai Maria's just dazzling milk color crippled! and izy slick hand tool operation! brilliant gloss to three rhythmic girls who included 140 minutes!