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Lady 履き潰し shoe collector 瘴烏wasaki

Product number: BK-19
Genre: Boots
Dealers: Ballads food SIN

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3980JPY (Including tax)
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mp4 500kbps
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mp4 1,250kbps
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Product Information

Is an attractive women featured this time wore the boots to print stocking.
Is the first person to 159 cm clerk 21-year-old former shop and 24 cm leg trendy shoes good painter, is 40-50 feet have shoes. Second person in the 21-year-old psychiatric nurse 174 cm 24 feet.
Later danced in Flash 5 and invisible to the nurses ' dancing in the club out in stress like sniffing the smell of sweaty stockings.
This pattern stocking hears of holes takes too much wear. Third person 165 cm child doing the nail shop in the 21-year-old home and 24 feet.

Want to be stocking pattern adorn well-matched nail while boots 5. Shoes Sai Kan. BK-19 122min/640x480 (2 Mbps)