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[All are great! ] W Slut Special! All of the “Tsubello M man” series by Miyazawa Chiharu and Mai Yahiro!


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★ From among those who purchased "all prime" by [December 1]

The toothbrushes used by Miyazawa Chiharu and Mahiro Yahiro at the time of photography

A zip-lock (signed) toothbrush will be given to each person for free by lottery!

In addition, the straw used when enclosing the fresh saliva perfume bottle will be given free of charge to each one by lottery!

There is evidence video when both toothbrush and straw are enclosed

If you wish, please enter here

Mail address → tsubaberomo atto

Since it will be checked against your purchase history

① Date of purchase, account name

②Which actress wants a toothbrush or straw

③Whether or not you wish to include the video

Please e-mail after specifying the above three points.

The winner will be contacted separately from the above email address.

* We will also pay for shipping.

further! !

I ’ll add two extra videos to the top

(* Sorry, there is no special video this time)

As an extra to the end, I will attach two ↓

[Bonus ① Perverted fetish interview part about 10 minutes] * Same as TVW297

[Bonus ② Chiharu Miyazawa, Mai Yahiro's raw saliva perfume bottle herself enclosed scene about 15 minutes]

What! If you buy Tsubello BEX and two others, this is definitely a bargain!


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First come, first served! Limited sale! It is finished as soon as it disappears!


① Miyazawa Chiharu's remaining 2 saliva

②Mai Yahiro's saliva sold out

Early morning on the day of shooting
It is collected in a perfume bottle with a high hermetic rate and stored frozen after ziplock.
* When frozen, the volume expands, so it is not full but contains about half
* The amount is not accurately measured, so please forgive some errors.
(It is sure to be more than 1ml)
* The staff wears rubber gloves so that no one except the person can touch them directly.

If you wish, we will send you a normal playback version of the person's enclosed evidence video for free.
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* Not beverages or food. Please handle at your own risk.

Since it is a perfume bottle, you can watch videos while tasting the smell as it is.
I think you can enjoy it before and after watching

The mail address is tsubaberomo and
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Price: 19,800 yen (tax included)

Shipping: Cool flights, we will pay
Contents: The contents to be sent are described as “frozen confectionery”
Shipment origin: To secure private, will ship by "Saito"
* In addition, we will respond to requests such as sales office closure, date, time designation etc.

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① Suddenly in the early morning! Interview with Chiharu Miyazawa and Mai Yahiro! Do n’t ask bad breath questions! ? Mass fired with the saliva request as it is in the flow!

Fetish man sandwiched between two beautiful girls

I will challenge the two people with a perverted fetish question!

While shy about the fetish man's question

Two people answering

Then from the man who got on

"Can you smell bad breath?"

Request a request named And!

Reluctantly to a man

Two people who can smell bad breath

Smell the fresh breath of two people

A man whose face is unintentionally relaxed

I usually never sniff

A fresh breath of a beautiful girl ...

The man who got excited

"Lick my nose"

I start to say.

Even though bad breath is embarrassing

To act to smell the saliva directly

As expected, two people

There is a director's instruction from behind the studio ... lol

Please do not play, please interview me lol

... There is considerable embarrassment in the expression of the fetish man

take heart,

Flowers bloom in various fetish talk

He who is never handsome

Talking desperately

The alertness of the actresses will be eased

In particular, Mai's first filming after hearing "Hentai"

I was very nervous before shooting

After all, the fetish man who opened their hearts with their daring spirit of challenge

Gradually, “Okay, do you actually lick it? And bring it to the request play

Two gentle girls lick their fetish man's nose

Especially after watching the second shoot, Chiharu's rich licking

The first Mai's unexpected unexpected licking licking is irresistible

The rich saliva smell of a beautiful girl echoes in the fetish man's brain

The excitement level goes up further

And it is not enough for a man to just smell

Request to "sip saliva"

I lie down and start drinking their saliva.

First of all, each person will taste saliva in his mouth

Next, he demands to drink mixed saliva,

Two people put saliva in their mouths at the same time.

Rich saliva of two people are mixed

Eat the finest saliva juice happily.

The man who got excited by spit request

Finally, with handjobs while two people lick their noses


Imagine the smell of saliva in a beautiful girl combination

Please put out a lot!

Recording: Approximately 24 minutes

② The bad breath of Chiharu Miyazawa and Mai Yahiro! Tongue smell! The armpit smell! I'll be happy!

One smelling fetish man

Sandwiched between two cute girls

Enjoy the smell of two cute girls

First, say you want to smell bad breath

I will smell the bad breath of the two people.

Huh ~~~

And exhale with your face

Coming out of mouth

Excited by the rich halitosis of a beautiful girl

My head will be dull

Next, request "Take your tongue out"

A man who can be seen by a beautiful belo

Belo is categorized by saliva

A man unexpectedly thinks of its beautiful appearance

Start touching Bello with your finger!

Belo's soft feel and

I don't feel a little touch of saliva

A man playing with Bello with his finger ...

When you take your finger off Belo

Finger with saliva ...

Bring it to your nose!

And you can smell it!

A girl pulls unintentionally into a strange sight

I smelled my own saliva

That would also pull ...

Also enjoy the smell of armpits

Put the girl to sleep

Have a spit on the lips of the girl

The man begins to inhale the saliva with his nose!

My saliva is sucked through my nose

Two people laughing unintentionally because of too much embarrassment

I enjoy the smell of two beautiful girls

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 14 minutes

③ Explosive succession! ? W Chionna Miyazawa Chiharu and Yahiro Mai's elemental tsubelloo blame what?

As the title suggests, this is the blame of two beautiful girls.

In order to have you fully enjoy it so that you can blame freely as if they wanted to do without any directing

Please, when the actor is about to go out, let go and let go of the ejaculation management

It is a plan to show off the blame while enjoying as much as you like

For Chiharu and Mai-chan who are pretty fun with M

Suddenly double and face licking starts from both sides!

At the same time, when the tongue runs up on both cheeks, the scent immediately goes to the toes and nose

The tongue tip rampages around while pushing the tongue into the nose!

The collected saliva hangs down on the man's face and does not waste it

Chiharu seems to be already hard when touching the dick from the top of the pants

Above, Mai licks her face

Below is Chiharu-chan taking off his pants and handjob division of labor

Independent pleasure attacks the top and bottom at the same time!

Chiharu chan handjob to play with the man who can endure quickly while twisting the body

Withstands the handjob of Chiharu Haruka-chan, but Mai is attacking her handjob this time!

When Chiharu-chan licks with a nose blame

Mai-chan raises the pace and fires unbearably with a pure beautiful girl handjob that does not know the moderation!


And the air on site will freeze for a moment.

The scale is still halfway ...

Mai who has made a mistake feels responsibility

I'm sorry ... Mai isn't bad

Hurry up, can you ask another actor who is taking a break to replace him, and can I get it in 4 minutes?

Laughter of Gachi will attack the actor with two people lol

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 11 minutes

④ W Chionna Miyazawa Chiharu and two beautiful girls of Mai Yahiro are tortured by pants thief! I was disliked, but at the end ...! ?

Two people interrogating senior man who stole pants

However, seniors

While denying "I'm not stealing"

Ask and ask

Two people who have been numb with seniors who do not admit at all

To start torture torture!

Saliva on senior face


Scattered saliva

Scattered all over the face of seniors

A rich smell is transmitted.

Seniors disliked

Looking happy at seniors

Furthermore, two people who spit.

In addition, saliva with a rich smell attached

I will lick my senior's face directly with Vero.

Two velos licking

Moment of sticking to senior's nose

Feel the smell of saliva

As expected, seniors also disliked “Uo…”.

Two people who felt that saliva blame was not enough

Riding face on top of man's face!

One is face sitting, the other is handjob

Of seniors who should have hated

Look at the dick erection

Two people laugh together.

Rubbing face with butt

Feel the smell of pee from the pussy

I was so excited

Between ourselves···.

I hated at first

After all, while licking his nose and face

Finish by handjob!

Torture torture happily

Pay attention to two sluts!

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 13 minutes

⑤ W Slut Special! Miyazawa Chiharu-chan, Mai Yahiro-chan's perverted man drastically drastically mass saliva!

* Please note the amount of saliva! ?(Lol)

On the face of a fetish man with a spit fetish

Two beautiful girls spitting

White, thick saliva

I'll hang down to the man's face

Then on the man's nose

Saliva falls

Saliva flows into the nostrils

I smell the smell of saliva

"I'm such a cute girl, but ... this rich ... smell ..."

The feeling that

My head is so excited that it is white!

And two girls

Start licking saliva covered man face

Lick your cheeks ~~~~

I lick my nose.

If you notice, the face of the man

The saliva sea!

However, the two who thought that this was not enough

Take out the toothbrush

I will collect saliva!

Let the man drink the collected saliva!

Fresh saliva that doesn't stop

Drink it, put it on your face

Taste a large amount of saliva full course

After excitement, launch the hand road licking nose on the royal road!

If you drown in the sea of the saliva of a beautiful girl, it is your desire ...

Recording: Approximately 11 minutes

⑥ Saliva lotion of W Slut Miyazawa Chiharu and Mai Yahiro! Face and body are null! Mass ejaculation with the smell of saliva!

With a naked man in the bathroom

Two beautiful girls in the swimsuit ...

Two girls

Spit on man's face

Do not hesitate to spit

The smell of the girl's saliva is transmitted to the man

The smell of the saliva of such a cute girl

If you can feel it, you will be happy ...

Beautiful girls

He even licks the face of a man.

Immediately the man's face was soggy with saliva.

The girls lick their nose.

The man licks his nose

Enjoy the smell of saliva

Even such a cute girl

There is no way to hide the fresh smell of saliva.

Also take out the toothbrush

I collect my saliva and put it on the man's face again

Both face and body are spicy ...

In the spit of two beautiful girls

The man's over there is an erection

A girl who saw an erection

Hold a penis and start handjob

The other person licks his nose ...

Exactly GO! GO! Tubaba heaven

It is licked lickingly into the nostrils

While smelling saliva

Ganshi center handjob in slimy saliva lotion ...

Finally I got excited by the smell of saliva

Mass fired as it is!

You are also wrapped in the smell of the saliva of two beautiful girls

Imagine and give it a lot!

Recording: Approximately 14 minutes

⑦W Slut Special! Compare Miyazawa Chiharu-chan, Yahiro Mai-chan's Tsubello SEX handsome and Chi-Poto Busamen big root taste!

This time, I'm very sorry for the self-portrait, but it's pretty good! Lol

First of all, it ’s good for two people, but it ’s a small cock, but if it ’s a big cock, if you have two choices of big cocks

what should I do? Gachi talk about the theme

Usually, when you ask two girls to let go of this kind of work,

Well, I tend to be in an appealing battle with myself, my painfulness, painfulness, my own soul

However, these two are serious and laughing lol

Moreover, since it takes 4 minutes of chat time, I think that you can see that the girls talk gradually bounces.

One begins to insist on the smaller conversational flow, but as if against the flow

It's very precious because you can talk over and over to the bigger one ... thicker ..., the glans ...

So what about the actual situation?

That's why I will introduce you handsome guy and actually taste it and compare it

In advance, we will tell you about this actor's fetish and acupoints.

Is it okay to spit on this handsome guy at first? Saying,

It is a spitting battle alternately so that the face drowns

If you look at the chin tents in the pants

Two people laughing face-to-face

Then it is divided up and down

Above is Chiharu who keeps spitting and licking his face

Below is Mai-chan who suddenly takes off her pants and starts a thick blowjob while dropping her saliva

When Chiharu-chan vacuums his nose violently, Mai-chan vacuums the Ichimoto under

When the tongue is violently inserted into the nostril, it will increase in hardness

A good-looking guy who rubs the rough part of the tongue moss on the glans and reacts to big big

Two people who continue to blame to see it more interesting

Upside down, when Mai suddenly hangs her saliva like a spider on her nose

This time Chiharu is attacked by another pleasure with a vacuum blowjob, please put in another rainy day

A good-looking guy who starts to put on a condom, just blow from the top of the rubber. It looks like a lot ”

A handsome guy who hasn't entered yet

I thought that it was acting When I laughed at mecha and inserted it into Chiharu in cowgirl position

“Oh, no, no, it ’s just like that.”

Once Chiharu-chan unplugs and confirms, “That? "I'm out ~" Tochiharu-chan and Mai-chan lol

Two of MAX who are unsatisfactory for a very premature ejaculation

And there, giant Chin appeared

Mai finds and messed up with a little erection in the pants

Two people who are curious about the different Ichimoto that can be clearly seen through the mosaic

I am also amused and start to blame saliva

I was inserted a while ago, but in a moment, they are crossed over the face of Cock-kun's ****d cunnilingus

For some reason, Mai-chan who licks a big cock that increases the thickness of erection from the root to the net

After this, Chiharu-chan inserts the big cock again in cowgirl position ...

The super cuteness of two people and the ridiculous amount of saliva

It is surprisingly amazingly licking and has the best finish ever

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 23 minutes

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