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AIKA - Smell of Her Erotic Tongue and Spit Part 2

Series: AIKA
Genre: Spitting
Dealers: Tongue ベロマスター

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Product Information

[Tongue fetish spit fetish] AIKA erotic tongue, saliva, mouth smell fluent course 1
This is a sequel to (ton-144-3).

Saliva belo fetish / smell fetish
A more kinky play for you!

This time AIKA's
Bello, tongue coating, saliva, breath, lips, etc.
Every smell of your mouth
It is the most luxurious play.

This scene
I did n’t tell you what to do in advance.
You can see the girl's reaction.

On the erotic tongue of slimy
Pressing your nose,

The saliva on Belo
Sucking in the nostrils,

Tongue moss sc****d with a tongue brush

Open your mouth
Breathe "Ha ~ tsu"
I got a ****,

Anyway, don't leave
Smell the smell of your mouth.

As expected the mask man
Tongue tongue with piercing is the first experience.
Tongue tongue with piercing
Knead around and examine it.

After examining the touch with your finger,
Can't stand it
AIKA's tongue tongue
Pierce the nose
Mask man.

The smell of tongue tongue
While sucking plenty,
Tongue piercings caught in the nostrils
I feel the touch ...!

And make saliva to AIKA
Put it on the Belo
If you ask
Uprooting the saliva on the tongue

In the gap between the tongue piercing holes
I won't miss my spit! ! !

AIKA also unexpectedly
“It ’s like a vacuum cleaner.
I'm sucking "
As a surprise, but grinning
I'll let you suck.

Belo's root pressing,
By holding the head and pressing the tongue,
Make your bare nose spit
Mask man who had me.

In addition, in Vero Shine
From the back of tongue tongue
Polish around the earrings carefully,
Takes a lot of dirt!

And AIKA himself
"It's amazing saliva"
I can say
The scented soup
It ’s a lot,
In front of AIKA-chan himself
A maskman who vacuums!

In your favorite armpit smell
Of a masked man
Hold your head,
To the armpit that has been steamed with sweat
While pressing
Nadenade and Chu! When
AIKA will give you.

AIKA's unexpected motherhood
A well-dressed maskman.

As it is, octopus chubby saliva,
Request a spit on your body,
AIKA's freshly made saliva
From the hole in the nose
I'm going to cum! ! !

The last is fully open
While rubbing the nose,
Squirting the cock
The best ejaculation!

Imagine a very nice smell,
Blissful masturbation time
Please spend it.


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