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[All are great! ] [Za Newcomer Training] All of the “Tsubello M Man” series of amateurs!


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Product Information

This time, I prepared an amateur woman for a new photographer and a new director

Let's do everything from planning to setting up and shooting! It is a plan called

It ’s a training, so you ca n’t do whatever you want.

Although it is a very serious effort to foresee the future of the people themselves, there is no technical skill or experience

For the time being, about 8 months until this day, we gathered and practiced between shootings and when there was no shooting.

To be honest, if the culmination of this day is not possible today, unfortunately the future ahead will be a different path

You might be dissatisfied with camera shake or not.

No, there may be a better part than usual

Also, as for the director, the planning intention is not well communicated to the actress, the licking is bad

There may be parts that are different from usual. That's good

There may be a new side

This is the only [Za / Rookie Training]

I'm very sorry, but please be with me

And if you have any opinions, comments, requests, etc., Twitter DM or email

Sorry to trouble you, but if you can contact us, we will all encourage you

Nice to meet you

please note!!

Only 3 bonus videos will be added to the top

[Bonus 1] Amateur Sana's transformation fetish talk

This is ① [Za ・ rookie training] amateur Sana-chan's transformation fetish talk as it is request face Tsubello attack

It is recorded only in the first fetish talk part

Same part as ①

Recording: Approximately 13 minutes

[Bonus 2] Sana's spitting NG video

Recording: About 1 minute or less

[Bonus ③] Is Sano-chan alone with two people in a closed room? Fully subjective video licking nose, brim attack, word blame!

This video gives you the feeling of being alone with Sana!

Moreover, you can see Sana's cute face all the time!

"I want to be made a face with my tongue."

"Do you smell more drool?"

Sana-chan to blame

Dripping muddy saliva and licking your face with bechobecho

There is a lot of saliva secretion from the tongue, and saliva will flow down continually as much as you can lol

I was overwhelmed by S

To make a face sticky with a lot of muddy saliva

What a happy thing ...

If you want to feel this happiness, have a look!

Please enjoy

Recording: About 6 minutes

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This time it is a special limited price for [Za / Rookie Training] !!

◆ 4K quality version (all quality downloadable !!)

① ~ 9,980 yen for a total of 19,040 yen !!

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◆ FH quality version (FH, SD version available for download !!)

① ~ 6,980 yen for a total of 13,440 yen !!

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◆ SD quality version (Only SD version can be downloaded !!)

① ~ 5,980 yen for a total of 9,440 yen !!

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※ ↓↓ Blog in blog is advantageous!

① [Za / Rookie Training] Amateur Sana-chan's transformation fetish talk as it is request face Tsubello attack

The first life of an amateur Sana-chan who has been picked up around that area (near Shinjuku)! Fetish talk!

While getting nervous, getting a fetish interview

Learn about fetish

It is also a sight to see how Sana will change throughout the fetish day.

Sana-chan looks pretty nervous

I have never met a man who has a fetish taste,

In the interview, you can see how it looks like

However, there isn't much resistance to fetish men, and will it develop in the future? I have high expectations.

In the second half of the interview, you will actually show your tongue and smell the bad breath in the morning.

please look! This defenseless, completely natural tongue!

The tongue is lumpy and the bad breath is not a tune

Sana's unique thin but rich smell spreads out

The taste is different from the actress who has always been well maintained and tasted.

And from here, let's actually experience it as it is

A new fetish man like a veteran shrimp elephant will make an unlimited request

Bello showing, bad breath, chin ○ face dripping, saliva stretching, nose blow, handjob

There are plenty of spit belo fetish play!

Although each other is the first fetish play, although there is awkwardness,

You can experience the excitement of being fucked by fetish play by ordinary people

The saliva has a muddy feeling, does not dry out even after being licked, and always feels terrorized,

It is a situation where a rich fragrance is always worn.

The first step to the world of amateur fetish! A must-see!

Please enjoy

Recording: About 30 minutes

② [Za / Rookie Training] Subjective and amateur Sana's Tsubello and mouth appreciation & lens licking! Spitting down!

I'm completely amateur, so I don't know where on the camera

I feel amateur in the way to the camera

Light up to see your tongue clearly from the very close range

And subjective lens licking as if you were alone

"Do you want to smell your mouth?"

Speaking to the camera, spitting a bad breath

Licking with tongue from bottom to side

Make a squeaky sound so that your thick lips will stick to your kisses

At the end, I tried to spit, but it didn't fly well and this is a special video

And it ’s a spit

I am overwhelmed and gradually lose my sight

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 13 minutes

③ [Za / Rookie Training] Amateur Sana-chan's mouth opening appreciation, recorder sucking, biting dildo & chewing!

Use a mouth opener to pick up a classic recorder from the inside of the mouth (* 4K camera shots)

And the glans part of the dildo was bitten from the sweet bite, and it was gummy but also chewed

If you like it, please enjoy!

Recording: Approximately 21 minutes

④ [Za / Rookie Training] Sana's bad breath! Tongue smell! The armpit smell! I'll be happy!

Sana who has a thick tongue

Hentai-kun smells the smell of Sana-chan!

Sana's tongue is thick, and white tongue moss is behind the tongue!

Everyone is excited to be able to enjoy such a smell in the mouth, right? (Lol)

Get your breath away and smell the smell

Smell the tongue directly

Get your tongue to spit, take it and smell it

I'll fully enjoy the mouth

Sana's saliva seems to be “a type that smells light at first, but comes afterwards”!

And it smells not only in the mouth but also the smell of armpits

This day is a very hot midsummer day

In the meantime, I'm shooting without taking a shower, so of course the sour smell that everyone knows well!

Not only this, but Sana-chan hangs saliva here, and smells saliva and armpits in a double!

The sour smell of saliva combined with the sour smell of armpits ...

What does it smell like?

Hentai-kun can't stand it, but he can squeeze himself and smell it with a smell.

Imagine everyone ’s smell

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 14 minutes

⑤ [Za / Rookie Training] 10 minutes durability plan! Reward chances if you can put up with Sana's saliva torture!

10 minutes for Sana's saliva, tongue and licking! If you can withstand just 10 minutes

Planning that the actor's wish will come true!

But for only 10 minutes

For men with smelly fetish, 10 minutes endurance is difficult ...

First of all, Sana-chan has an unpleasant face

I swallow the actor's nose.

That would make a bad face ...

A man who doesn't like his bad breath or saliva smells it.

Hold your nose with your mouth and lick it with your tongue.

The tongue hits the man's nostril,

I will smell the rich saliva of Gatsutsuri-chan.

A man who shakes his body and cannot hide his excitement.

Sana-chan squeezed courage to make a man quickly

Forcibly open the actor's mouth

Pour your own saliva gently.

A thick saliva that gets dripped enters the mouth of a man

The actor enjoys Sana's saliva while turning it with his tongue.

From the man who swallows with satisfaction

I can't feel the will of durability for 10 minutes ...

Sana-chan who noticed the big boy's cock

Take off the pants and handjob licking nose!

There is little time left!

Sana ’s rich saliva smell

I'm excited and somehow endure ejaculation.

Furthermore, Sana-chan

Hang down the spit of the cock

Apply the last spurt!

The result is a video!

Please enjoy!

Recording: About 10 minutes

⑥ [Za / Rookie Training] J Keisana-chan interrogated the thief underwear!

"You stole?"

Sana-chan questions her underwear at high pressure.

The underwear is in a state where both hands are restrained and cannot move.

Underwear roaring lies with a single point

Sana-chan's saliva blame interrogation started!

Sana-chan brings her face closer to the man's face.

"(Do you kiss me?")

No, no.

Sana-chan ’s nose

Lick it.

The man smells the saliva attached to Sana's tongue



And honest reaction.

Forcibly underwear

Sana who smells bad breath.

Furthermore, forcefully open the man's mouth

Sana who puts her saliva in full.

The saliva with the rich smell

The underwear that seems to be drunk forcibly.

Did you think that spitting alone was not enough

Sana takes off her pants.

If you think what to do ...

On the face of a man

Jupiter Face Cowgirl! ! !

Aiming around the man's nose

I will rub the pussy.

From the pussy

Smell of pee

“Uh! Uh !!!!”

The underwear that resists.

The smell of fresh pee even though it's underwear

A man who is really surprised and panicked.

Next to this

Press the anus against the man's nose!

A scent that is richer than a bun ...

The man rampages more than before ...

Looking at a man who is excited for some reason

Sana-chan is doing handjobs while licking her nose.

Lastly, the underwear that I hated was

No way!

Superb underwear roaring! ! !

Please enjoy!

Recording: Approximately 14 minutes

⑦ [Za / Rookie Training] Amateur Sana-Chan plays a spit guy thoroughly!

A man who has a knee pillow on Sana.

The saliva-smelling fetish man will be rewarded.

The man's nose and face are licked.

Sana's saliva enters the nostril

I will smell the smell of fresh saliva.

A man who is delighted only with the heavens of this world.

Sana-chan is for a man who loves saliva

Use a toothbrush and make more saliva

It hangs down on the man's face.

The face of a man in no time

It ’s full of saliva.

If you are a saliva fetish, you will dream once

This is the saliva pack!

An excited man suddenly stands up

"Please show your tongue!"

Take out the prepared tongue brush

I will remove the dirt on Sana's tongue.

Bring the brush closer to your nose

Kunkun ...

I smell in front of Sana's eyes.

Sana looks at the man with contempt eyes.

The man who smelled

"... a rich smell."

I will tell you honestly.

Man's excitement level is in MAX! ! !

Man lying on his back

I ask you to do a handjob.

Sana also decided to be prepared.

For saliva fetish man

Hang a lot of saliva

Start licking nose licking handjob.

Furthermore, a man suddenly

Say "Kiss me".

Sana-chan to meet expectations

Close your mouth and kiss ...

I wonder if you do!

Lick your nose.

An actor who is rather pleased for some reason after being kissed.

Sana-chan grabbed the saliva fetish actor.

The last is simple is best!

With handjob while licking the nose

Mass fired!

Imagine the fresh smell of Sana ’s fresh saliva

Please fire a lot!

Please enjoy!

Recording: Approximately 16 minutes

⑧ [Za ・ Rookie Training] Amateur Sana-chan is a large saliva slimy saliva vero play in the bath!

Get naked Sana-chan from the face to the bottom of the whole body!

Have your mouth fully filled with water and have your face covered with saliva and dirt in your mouth.

I got Sana-chan's mouth messed up with a toothbrush, and I got a spit of a gunchy gutchu.

The whole body of Hentai-kun will be covered with Sana's saliva in no time.

The smell is filling the bathroom too (laughs)

Of course, you will also have a firm nose licking and face licking

It ’s full of the smell of Sana-chan in the body, but it ’s even more direct to smell the tongue and saliva ...

Such a pervert-kun's dick is Bing

Surrounded by the smell of Sana-chan, she gets acme while licking her nose

As long as I'm jealous of Iku while feeling Sana's saliva throughout the body!

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 13 minutes

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