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[All in full! ] All of the boxed daughter Maina-chan's "Tsubabero M man" series full of excitement!


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File List:無期限視聴,スマホ視聴可 4K

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mp4 5,250kbps
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mp4 800kbps
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Product Information

I kept you waiting

This time is boxed maiden Mai-chan

Why in such a place ...

And, Maina that the goodness of the growth that can not stand in vain

With a gentle and gentle manner as the image

Show me the two sides of aggressive word blaming that will make a gap

There is a certain gag sense that there is a daughter who will be confused for a moment as to where is interesting

Even though it is ashamed of a white thick tongue, it is full of rich saliva and rich incense.

My nose breathes wildly insanely innocently playing that will push me hard

--------------------------------------------- 唾 唾 尿 コ ー ナ ー ----- --- --- -------------------------------------------

[Spit sale] will do this time!
※ All can be purchased here, even anyone other than the purchaser

Your first choice wins! Limited sale! It will end as soon as it disappears!

1 Three fingers of Maiina-chan

Early morning on the day of shooting, in the morning before the first tooth brushing (about 1 ml or more)
Collected in a high sealing rate perfume bottle, and store it frozen on the spot after zip lock
※ It is not full because the volume expands when it is frozen, but more than half is included
※ Please note that some errors do not mean that we are measuring the amount correctly.
※ Suttaf wears rubber gloves and does not directly touch anyone other than himself

Only spit, the person enclosed evidence video is being published in "Sample video of all the prime sale"!

【How to buy】
Bank transfer
Please let us know your name, shipping address and phone number via email
We will tell you this bank transfer account on a first-come-first-served basis (transfer within 3 business days please)
As soon as payment is confirmed, it will be shipped one by one
Shipping fee will be paid here! (※ Domestic limited)
※ If you can not confirm the transfer, contact will be delivered to the next point in sequence
※ The deposit will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, after the sold out deposit will be refunded with the transfer fee deducted.
※ It is not a beverage or food. Handling at your own risk.

Because it is a perfume bottle, you can also watch the video while tasting the scent as it is
I think you can enjoy it before or after watching

E-mail address will be tsubaberomo at
Please be careful not to make a mistake

Currently, it is "on sale"

1 spit 19,800 yen (tax and shipping included) ※ 2 or more simultaneous purchase is 10,000 yen discount Example) 2 pieces → 29,600 yen

Shipping: Cool flight, will be borne by us
Content: The content sent will be described as "frozen candy"
Shipping origin: Ships in "Saito" to secure private
※ In addition, general delivery, date, we will respond to your request

--------------------------------------------- ----- ----- 唾 尿 コ ー ナ ー --- --- -------------------------------------------

We add 3 extra videos only to the whole

[Privilege 1 subjectivity face licking approximately five minutes]

Mai ち ゃ ん licks face in the subjectivity spit!

Slough dripping down, smooth tongue movement

Please imagine and enjoy these smells while tasting the words that speak through the camera

[Privilege 2 blame M about 2 minutes]

A transformation man approaches to Maina

The excitement can not be suppressed by breath swaying breath of Mai Na-Chan while sniffing the smell of the tongue

In a rarage to defeat Maina-chan!

Spit accumulated in the lips is sucked from the nose, and if I change the system, I will drink and drink.

Please enjoy

[Benefit 3 Odorful About 4 Minutes]

Smell-like actors touch the tongue of Maina-chan directly with their hands and enjoy the smell and feel of spit

It is not enough just to get tired of the crotch of the crotch over the side and the pants, and you can enjoy unlimited crunchy!

Please enjoy

further! !

By 6/24 We used for photography for each one person each by "lottery" purchaser limitation for each one

1 opener

2 toothbrush

3 tongue cleaner

Wins !!

If you wish, please enter here

tsubaberomo ata and

Please check the date of purchase and the account name, as it will be checked against the "all in full" purchase history.

Winners will be notified separately from the above email address

↓ This is a great deal!

◆ 4K image quality version (all image quality downloadable !!)

1 to 6 total 16,080 yen, 9,980 yen !!

※ Cart in the blog limited price is 9,480 yen !!!

◆ FH image quality version (FH, SD version downloadable !!)

7,980 yen at a total of 11,880 yen for 1 to 6!

※ Cart in the blog limited price is 7,480 yen !!!

◆ SD image quality version (Only SD version can be downloaded!)

1 to 6 total 8,880 yen, 5,980 yen !!

※ Blog in cart limited price is 5,480 yen !!!

You can purchase from the cart in the deals blog at the click of the icon below

※ ↓ カ ー ト カ ー ト Blog in the cart is advantageous!

1 [Tsubero M Man] Subjectivity of Mai Na-chan's Tsubaro Appreciation & Disappointing Spit!

Maina opens her mouth wide and stretches her tongue

As you move the tongue with saliva to the left and right, spit will be overflowing

Maina who gently licks her fingers with tongue

We will show off the mouth with pleasure using the opening device!

The tongue between the white beautiful teeth is hiring with a bayon

The used opening device is signed for the present and saved.

"Do you want to smell near my mouth smell?"

The lens gets cloudy when you breathe out

Maina begins to lick while dripping the lens that remains cloudy

I catch Mai Na's loose tongue movement firmly in the angle from the front and the bottom!

"I'll make you feel better!"

Maina who begins to turn from the slow slow way of giving up to it and starts to give up violently from now on

If I think I'm giving up violently with Jeurjul, the way of speaking that was kind also changed completely and turned into a lingering mode

The spit is plunging down with the devilish word that looks down!

Please enjoy

Recording: about 19 minutes

2 [Tsubabero M man] I request a play club for Maina chan!

Mai Na who listens to a spit fetish talk of a spit fetish man

First of all, a man who enjoys the smell by bathing in the face of Maia's fresh warm breath

I ask for a sigh with the tongue out, a stronger smell

I move my nose to rub the tongue that Maina-Chan put out and enjoy the smell and spit

Then I would like to give up my face and I will be given Beron Beron evenly on the right side and left side

The next order is surprised at the smell smell of the side that Maina did not even predict

Take off your clothes and bra and stretch your right hand and open the side!

The face covered with spit is attached to the side of Maina-Chan.

It seems to smell mixed with side sweat and dripping as Maina-Chan drips from the arm with a spit on the side.

In addition, I got a spit in my chest and got in the face of the valley of Maina who became murky

It is Maina-chan GJ who drips drips in addition in the valley without saying it is said

When a man comes down, a man who spouts and spit can not give up and requests a hand job.

Finish in the meanwhile it is Shiko Shiko attack while licking his nose!

Please enjoy

Recording: about 12 minutes

3 [Tsubabero M man] Maina-chan thoroughly blames the transformation man Dollar and a large amount of saliva blame!

Mai Nina straddling a funny man wearing American sunglasses

Spit and smell fetish dripping thick spit on man's face

You can easily imagine this side of the camera just by looking at its white tongue

The smell of Maiden's spit is by dripping the face and nose and spreading it with hand

I will spread in the room!

Furthermore, Mai Na is in the nose of a man with the tongue.

In addition, I lift up the cheek with Veron and drip up the accumulated spit on the face and mouth to enhance the excitement of the man, Maina

It is thorough mass saliva blame

Then Maina takes out the toothbrush and starts producing Skoshko and spit

"Are you happy with this?"

A lot of freshly made spit is dropped on the face of a man!

And I will continue to lick the man's face and nose

My face is no longer covered by Maina's spit and it's in a spit pack

Mai Na takes off the pants of the man who got too excited and starts hand job

The spit on the tail ○ chin, the man will be fired in no time to handjob while licking the nose juljul!

Everybody also imagine the smell of Maina-chan's spit and try a lot of excitement!

Recording: about 13 minutes

4 [Tsubero M Man] 10 minutes endurance planning! It will be rewarded if you endure Mai Na's spit Bero blame!

If you can endure Mai Na's spit bero for 10 minutes, you can do whatever you like!

However, if it can not be endured, it is a serious fight called life-and-death (sperm) that it is a male actor cub ...

From the feeling of the early stage, the second half time is gone

The highlight is where the blame is getting excited more and more w

At first I do not know what I should do well

First of all, drop it on the face of the actor and paint it

Smell of Mai Na-chan's spit comes to the nose of the actor and is already excited in 10 seconds starting

Maina who licks violently while making a noise while blowing nose and cheeks despite the early stage

The thick and viscous saliva of Maina-Chan flows into the mouth of a man one after another

"Can I endure being a pervert?"

If you take off the actor's pants, the cock also drips into the cock and licks the face, licks the face, licks the nose and starts the simultaneous attack of the hand job!

The nose is rolled up and rolled, and the smell of thick spit can not be collected anymore!

"This is a try"

Mai-chan takes out TE ○ GA and attaches it to the actor!

The sound of TEN ○ A loud noises will ring in the room

Mai Na is violently T ○ NGA Shikoshiko while licking the nose of the man Bichabicha!

In fact, actors who are not good at TEN ○ A will mess up to the limit of patience

However, since Maina-Chan will keep TENG ○ violently, she can not stand it and finally shoots!

Moreover, because the TENG ○ is removed at an exquisite timing, the sperm flies firmly and you can see the w

Please enjoy

Recording: about 13 minutes

5 [Tsubero M Man] Filthy Maiden Tsubano torture execution of panties thief!

Underwear thief caught in Filthy Maina will be torture

Slut Maiden who spits a lot of spouts violently to a man who does not admit the crime

Beron Beron licks your spit face in an all-round fashion, and spit a mass of spit out into a vulgar!

And when the gum tape is taken out, the mouth of the man is sealed, and the tongue brush and toothbrush drip dirt mixed with dirt.

"I really wanted to do something like this?"

Mai Nana who took off pants and pants straddles the face of a man and moves to face attack

Shake the hips on the face and get rid of it!

Still Filthy Maina who simmered in work to a man who doesn't attend is violently handjob while licking his nose and taking off his pants!

"Do you feel like telling the real thing?"

Premature ejaculation underwear thief is ****dly fired by handjob while licking the messy nose

It was Slut Maiden who repels the thief in such a **** situation

Please enjoy

Recording: about 13 minutes

6 [Tsubabero M Man] Maina-Chan is a large amount of saliva in the bathroom, and it's a lot of saliva!

Mai Na and M man are naked and have a good time in the bathroom

The face is licked licking and the spit of the muddy mouth is drunk and the attack of fury develops from the beginning!

It is so enviable that she drips a spit on her face while crouching her face to slimy tits of Maina-Chan

Where does this amount of spit come from?

Mai Na-chan, who uses a tongue cleaner and a toothbrush that has been taken out, and has a fresh spit

To the face licking hand job while making a spit on the cock that erected a long time ago and dripping down while making it sound like a jerk!

Mai Na Chan's Intense Handjob Blame It Fires Outright!

It was excitement MAX

It is a nose fellatio even after having gone, and both Maina and M man are immersed in the afterglow

Please enjoy

Recording: about 13 minutes