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Ririka - Smell of Her Erotic Long Tongue and Spit Part 1

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Product Information

【Tetouch Fetish Spit Fetish】 Pearful Flower Ero Lots of lonely licking face licking & handjob
(Ton-128-2) is a sequel.

Spit and smell fetish for you
More pervert play!

I am doing this scene in full-length battle.
Since the interview is also dubious,
You can enjoy the reaction of a girl 's element.

【1. Spoil yourself down overlooking anger】

"More spitting really is done,
I want to see a picture that looks like being hung! "
"I am glad when there is a word blame"

That's why I am particular about the angle,
While being despised by girls,
(And while you looking up)
I took a picture that is blamed with spit.

"Fill a lot of your face
I'll give you a nice spit. "
"It's amazingly spicy and cute"
"How, my spit?"
It's awesome, is not it tasty? "

While being informed by words,
You spit well on your face,
It makes me drink and spit on your mouth and nose.

Oh, spitted by such a cute girl,
I have been caught ...,
But, although it is cute, the smell of spit is awesome!
Itchy ... · · ·.

And while being delusive,
Please enjoy it!

【2. Interview with the feel and smell of saliva】

Saliva collected on the acrylic plate
I had them touch with my fingers,
I smelled a smell.

What is saliva that piss saliva feels like?
Please check this story by all means.

【3. Odor check by transformation spit sommelier】

Subsequently, hentai spit sommelier
Also check the feel and smell of spit.

Pear petite reaction is cute.
To sperm appraisal of sommelier
"Lie ~ I do not want!"
And bitter smile!

Nanaka's nice anxious
Odor appraisal checks the main part! !

【4. Pseudo lens licking · spitting · breathing smell]

The acrylic plate was further subjected to
I got licked and licked.

Your face and nose
Rashii flower's warm Vero
As if being licked,
I licked up many times with Veron,
Saliva, and even spit bad breath.

As it is completely subjective video,
Virtual delusion Masturbation
Please shabby please.

More than that, the smell of Rashii flower's tongue and saliva
I can deliberately deliberate
It is a stark content.

While delusionful, I squeezed the cock violently,
Have a blissful masturbation time.


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