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【All the prosperity! 】 All the best of the "Tsuba Vero M Men" series of Rui Shuri!


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It's already early December ... it will be in the 4th year in the blink of an eye

At first it started fumbling, it was the start of sewing between different main shoots

Then gradually increase the shooting time, increase the number of works, add two actresses

It was always three years of change, growth

In addition to the blog comment section, we have received various requests and requests at Twitter and DM

This time we received a very grateful request that we would like to see Mr. Tsuba Vero

I immediately offered to Rui Surei-chan

In addition to Mr. Tomi, there are a couple of actresses who want you to take a picture by rubbedo from several people from various people

I am very encouraged to call out to you

I want to see not only the actress's request but also such a play! We accept such as

Please request Doshidoshi

I think whether it is one who incorporates it into the plan with a good batting average rate

Also the preference of the actress, people who likes, dislikes people, the content of the play, even more closer, more sharply

Although there are both extreme opinions until the way of shooting

We will take full advantage of the opinions of our users

I would like to create works that will fulfill the best while balancing nicely with everyone

I can not miss the Cubaro M man in 2019!

I wish for your continued support.

① 【Tsuba Bello M man】 With subjective subjective tongue observation and mouth tongue observation & lens licking spitting & proficiency!

This time, it is a cute face owner at Loli face, and it is a tracey shyu that is also a de S!

Everyone wants to be sworn by her! What I thought There is once, right? Lol

Observing such a tongue in the mouth and licking the lens, let the lens spit like a lens

First of all, I tongue tongue observation

Her tongue is healthy pink!

Slightly elongated, the amount of saliva secretion is thicker and thicker!

And sticky saliva will stretch neva!

Next you spit licking lenses

"Hey, you want to smell by smelling, do not you?"

It makes such provocative words, and it licks the lens and spits.

She has a lot of saliva, so its odor is sprinkling on the lens

Furthermore, the M man smells such a tongue of Shigi 's tongue, saliva smell, she will sprinkle her mouth and enjoy the mouth! !

Doctor Shi - chan shows me in the mouth, it smells a smell?

Please enjoy

Recorded: about 13 minutes

② 【Mr. Cuba Bello】 Request! The trainee Mu guy asked me for Mr. Tsubao Bello!

Although it is a small and cute face, super de S

Of course M instantly excited excitement

I will enjoy the smell of such shibari's spit

First of all, a beautiful tongue is bellow.

The tongue is beautiful pink and smells sweet

Next, let her nose lick it with its beautiful tongue, and let her nose blow job

"Suck everything properly"

And S Sushi-chan with full opening

A lot of white - rich saliva will be poured into the man 's nose

Shiro's saliva is sticky and it's pretty drawn by yarn lol

And the M man who got excited about suppressing excitement

"Please make your face gluttonous with raw milk" Please ask a face ride for Tohshin-chan

Because the man M sticks a gum tape to his mouth, the smell of her hair is easily taken in her nose!

It seems like a terrible pink color and smells good

There is no way that the M man's dick is shut up like this! It is already bing!

Have Shiri-chan take down pants and get handsome dandruff a huge amount of saliva dripping in the dick

I'm being shitty while getting Kuchakachi with a lot of drool

While being kept silky, I got a lot of saliva in the shrimp while licking my nose, I can not stand ejaculation! !

M Men were comfortable, they seemed to be very happy lol

While being ****d by Shigaran of Do S, you can feel the smell of saliva, the smell of your cunt!

Please enjoy! !

Recorded: about 14 minutes

③ 【Cuba Bello M man】 Esthetic Shamisen Shyu's perverted spit attack!

One male who came to visit that skin tightness is not good

Shui-chan of beauty girl Esthetician in charge!

As soon as Shuri 's treatment begins, I will sprinkle a large amount of saliva that I saved on every part of the face of men

That's right!

Unlike normal esthetics, this esthetic treatment is done with saliva! Lol

Shigeru licks the man's face licking his face with his nose as his head, "Skin quality will improve ~

I will make a nose blowjob

Surprised by the smell of rich saliva, customers who dislikes

However, Shigeru licks his face and nose without ceremony, and the face of the customer is covered with saliva watching

Beetta Beta's tekkateka! !

While licking my face, I accumulate saliva collected in the container as freshly collected saliva

The treatment using white stinky saliva in this droollo starts

First of all, transfer the collected saliva to a spray and apply a push-push and a brush spray

Because the customer is closed with a mouth with a gum tape, it smells directly to spit saliva which increased finely and smell ...

Next, transfer the accumulated saliva to another container and apply a shovel bean cream

In the meantime the male dick is somehow smiling at Bing Bin

Forcibly remove the troublesome customer's trousers

I huge a lot of saliva in a ginkgo

While licking his nostrils, it gently strikes a wet dick with a lot of spits

And I wonder if it gets pleasant, lol I will be licking lol

Everyone please shit with shameless crush esthetician Shyu!

Recorded: about 15 minutes

④ 【Tsuba Vero M M】 complete subjective image! Licking his nose in a secret room of two people alone with Rui Surei! Spit blame!

You can taste the image as if it were only two people shaking!

Moreover, you can see the cute face of Shigaran forever all the time!

"You want me to be a face gucci gucho with my tongue?"

"Do you smell more and more?"

Do S Sayuri is saying this

It drips the saliva of Nebeneba and licks her face to Betchobecho

Although I think that it will be understood,

The amount of saliva secretion from the tongue is large, and saliva is constantly fed into the hole of the nose lol

Moreover, the quality of saliva is feeling

I was ****d by Shi - chan of Do S,

How happy it is to make your face greasy with a lot of sputa

If you would like to feel this happiness, have a look!

Recorded: about 11 minutes

⑤ 【M. Tsubaro M】 The trace of the elementary boyfriend during a break is accused of slut hard pussy fetish virgin kun! !

Nakano shyu who is taking a break will play Tsuba Verero on Tsuba fetish virgin kun!

On site the break between shooting and shooting

There are three people in the room, Shuri chan, Mr. virgin and the director

Shuri chan and Mr. virgin are talking about Tsuba fetish, Shigari is interested in that story!

A staff member who made a mistake preparing the lunch box for lunch here came and the manager went outside the room

At last the room is only two people, Shigari and Mr. virgin

When two people are alone, Mr. Chigada suddenly comes out soakwasow as if the equivalent type was a type of preference

I am watching Shiri-chan as much as I can

For such a virgin kun, curious about Shiba Fetish Shyuri-chan

To play vengefully on virgin kun!

I was licked in my face, I was scolded by Shyuri-chan, the virgin daughter soon got to Bing

Have the dick sprinkle and let the licking face fire!

Virgin kun, I'm worried whether it will be a squid and will not hinder the next shoot

You can see Shibari chan 's shibarabrowoplate which is close to elementary!

Please enjoy!

Recorded: about 16 minutes

⑥ 【Tsuba Bello M M】 Gattsuri nose licking handjob accident on brother who dislikes trace!

Woman ● High-ranking shyuri witnesses one mother masturbating one day on a day

As my older brother does anything, asking parents not to say it,

To become a training base for Cubavero Plays the boyfriend wanted to do ...

Shigeru locks his brother so that he can not move his hand,

Licking and licking the face with no ceremony, hanging down spitting, and doing jujo jpo and nose blow jobs

Squeezer 's Sense comes out lol

My older brother unexpectedly smelled of his first experience! I will leak it

At first I was disgusted older brother,

I will erect a soft velvet and a rich thick ivory in my face! !

Have you increased the S heart of Shyari looking at it?

Paste the gum tape to your brother's mouth and press it ~ Iorama ● This will be pressed against the guyguii

Because I can breathe only with my nose, you can only sniff this squeeze

The face is a lot of saliva of Shigeru already, sesame ● It is a love juice that came out from here and it is Gucchyeogcheo!

I will roll my older brother with my legs further

And I spit on my older brother 's dick, and I'm swallowed by handjob while being licked my nose

Please take a look at Shiro who blames for small demons! !

Recorded: about 14 minutes

⑦ 【Tsuba Bello M man】 Direct mass saliva blame handjob with the trace of the trace!

Suddenly Shyu-chan gets a lot of saliva in my face!

As soon as the beginning the face of M man was covered with saliva of Shigaran

Nurrinuri in the face, it is being nurruri

The more it spits, the more its smell fills as it grows

The amount of new saliva outweighs not to dry

After that, I will lick it in my face with a sweet Vero of Shigari! !

I'm going to fuck with Melancholy of M Men 's nose nervously without being cared!

Small devil shyuri who smiles joyfully looking at M man who is suffering because she can not breathe because her nose is occupied! !

That hand extends to the crotch of the M man, not only the face but also the coat becomes covered with brim! !

The saliva hanging in the crotch is also high in viscosity, a lot of quantity and Kuchakachi and a nasty sound are heard

Finally shoot while looking at the cute face of Shigure 's face with her nose being licking! ! !

M guy, I almost cry

There is no setting and it is blamed while enjoying so far with prime

Enjoy the world of Shyuri! !

Recorded: about 14 minutes

⑧ 【Tsuba Bello M man】 Lotion of a traceful slurpy slimy junior swimmer ****d spitting saliva spanking handjob!

* In this volume, there is a scene that applies lotion containing mouth, water to actor in response to user request.

It uses lotion and water to make it to the last, null null,

Basically it is sputtered with saliva of highly pure Shiro. Relax and look please.

Shigeru who wears a swimsuit swimskin will coat the whole body of a junior swimming member with a brim! !

First of all, water contained in your mouth is scattered in your face, body, and saliva lotion drips down

In addition, spit on the face and brush your face,

Wearing a brush on the nipple, the painting and the junior are gradually wrapped in Shigaran's shoes! !

Suddenly Syu-chan is watching her saliva sprinkle his juniors, and it's a blessing lol

And once you reset your mouth, the appearance of a toothbrush!

Shigeru gets rid of dirt in the mouth and gossy cum, it pours a thick cloudy odor and saliva lotion!

Punishment for electric punishment for juniors who are pleased with their whole body shabby! !

Looking at the figure that makes me feel like I'm biking my body to an unknown experience Shyi-chan in good mood

The figure of playing the place where it seems to go repeatedly is exactly de S!

And for joyful pleasure juniors can not stand it ... launch!

I'm bored while being licked my nose with my cute Shiyan 's tongue


Shuri-chan spits a brim with a follow-up to the face of a junior after launch

Please take a look at Shuri 's intense cockerel torture that seems to be stinking to the other side of the screen! !

Recorded: about 17 minutes

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