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【Oral Fetish】 Maniac Observation of Shimizu Saki Flow · Oral Fetish Play!


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Product Information

This movie is divided into 4 scenes.

1. Oral observation

In the mouth of Mr. Sakaguri
I observed it carefully!

Tongue Bello Master,
Bite and teeth fetish master
Unlike mouth observation,
I do not put any voice from the director (photographer).

Mr. Sakaguri himself spread his mouth with his fingers,
Take a velor,
Showing your teeth quickly,
Showing a sore throat,
... I shot the scenes!

We also do not use openers and other instruments.
Nurnul traveling long tongue,
Overflowing sputum ... full of sights!

2. Finger blowjob

This time I sucked my finger.

With just a finger feller
Because I can not see much in my mouth,
While showing as much as possible in the mouth,
I licked and sucked my fingers, hands, and arms.

As Mr. Sakamida's tongue is plenty of saliva and soft
It was very comfortable.
But I do not put any cameraman's voice!

Everyone, Mr. Sakaguta
Imagine a place where finger fellers will be done and please shock.

3. Gumi swallowing

Gumi as a human being put in your mouth,
After tinkering with Vero, teeth etc.
I took a picture of chewing and swallowing!

The so-called vore (swallowing fetishism) and
It is similar to giantess (female giant fetish).

Gumi is about to drown in the mouth of Mr. Sakamida,
It is swallowed as it is,
It is chewed,
I will be swallowed in the back of my throat ...!

4. Stewed chewing

Finally, I took a picture of boiled chewing!

Of course it is not just chewing,
After swimming in the mouth as a living thing,
Finally get messed up with a mess
I put it in high image quality.

I entered into the mouth of Mr. Sakamado,
Enjoying the drool pools and the soft Velo,
I think that I can deliberately be bitten.

This is the contents of this movie.
Sakamido's maniac in-mouth observation & mouth-playing,
Enjoy it! !

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