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In smelly stockings wore on the first day of employment and yet food I eat stomping

Product number: AS-F
Genre: Crash
Dealers: Ballads food SIN

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2980JPY (Including tax)
2980JPY (Including tax)
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Product Information

It is decided to suddenly in the mail from her the day before, and was taken to the 4/2 works.
4/1 in the first work by the shift suddenly closed so
Contacted me so I want to shoot, one day at work standing on In stinky pantyhose I had come.
In fact her feet smell.
"During the last shooting I had stepped on the pizza, but now the more I I want to get 踏mi潰shite food?
If I asked "so surprisingly fun at all okay" shall be
So I got a pleasant answer took this hood crash.
Take one Burger bread cake shoe cream's crushing food
It is sushi, chicken meat, spaghetti with meat sauce and lunch.
18-is much woman about 30 years old and has an interview with her in person
I really think not good natured child rarely.
So serious a good child to have fun and food
And the 踏mi潰shite gap is great, I'm excited.
After I took this piece again wearing her usual
Crush featuring authentic sneakers or pumps, I like to shoot.

Under the course is up to her. Ever-changing food Sin ★ AS-F 34min