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Hi Res delivery (High Resolution) for wav/flac

Betrock's company offers also following services.
1,<a href="" target="_blank">CD/DVD production (press R copy &amp; print)</a>
2, <a href="" target="_blank">the national market (Tower Records, HMV etc)</a>
3,<a href="" target="_blank">download delivery at iTunes/amazonMP3</a>
4,<a href="" target="_blank">iTunes incoming sound delivery</a>
4 the<a href="" target="_blank">Amazon mail order</a>
5, High Resolution hi res delivery 6, <a href="" target="_blank">recording-CD production-distribution consulting</a>

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Nana-Han ~ 2002 ~ (karaoke version) and 750 cc (single songs)

157JPY (Including tax)

OH COME ON ~ 750 cc (single songs) and Showa history-( karaoke version)

157JPY (Including tax)

Nana-Han ~ 2002 ~ 750 cc (single songs) and

157JPY (Including tax)

Locus-OH COME ON-Showa / 750 cc (single songs)

157JPY (Including tax)

750 cc/OH COME ON (all 4 songs)

600JPY (Including tax)