[Mistress Land-mistress land-]

■ contents of Mistress land Dominatrix refers to the 'hostess', but refers to the Queen in the SM world. Than just an honorary title as a dominant personality, behavior including the advent of strong women considered dominated by men and women look at the common values of obedience from ACE, and dominatrix (Mistress) is used.

Our is a site that delivers the original SM femdom work center that Mistress (femdom).
■ original M man productions only mistress land We offer shooting of the original SM movie intended for members of Mistress land.

Mistress of the famous SM Club also appeared at many have gotten are.
■ training a masochistic man and sadist women

Femdom FACESITTING man Chair, kicked over and trampled, Danielle Derek to the M man and reverse rape, femdom forced drinking urine and human toilet, scat enema
■ Queen SM movie

Special video must see the hands handjob foot handjob forced cum the whips and confinement with a collar, and thorough service, Lesbian and Gaijin made to lick feet
■ extreme play of man and woman S
M man human ashtray and saliva to drink, scratching and Sune hair fried, without get serious slap, Anal injection, fake penis insertion with candle penetrated

【Mistress Land -ミストレスランド-】

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