"Daikichi Amano's art is a combination of Jean.Cocteau and Jacques Cousteau"
-Marilyn Manson-

Daikichi Amano likes to describe himself as the “modern day reincarnation of Katsuhika Hokusai”. This is not an empty boast.

Amano is one of the most important visual artists working in Japan today.
His work has international appeal.

Amano’s movie are drawn from his own private fantasies. Fantasies that are animistic, animalistic and atavistic in nature, but all-too-human in execution, evoking primal fears and desires. In Amano’s world, the human body is worshipped and admired for its awesome beauty but also deformed and fused with nature with wood, blood, bones, scales and feathers transforming it into an erotic grotesque. But these frightful dioramas are also cut through with the blackest humour. His images draw from traditional Japanese iconography and mythology.

In the GENKI official site, he has in stock substantial contents, such as the latest work and the popular work etc of about 200 titles, and an on-site report, and I am waiting for you.

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