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This page is for introducing Japanese 'Kisekae' or 'Variously Dressed' Bondage Videos produced by Tatsuro Hamada.

Unlike other SM or Adult videos, there is NO NUDITY, NO SEX scene, but all models are wearing their cloths, from street clothes to varieties of uniforms, sometimes lingerie, and sometimes you can see topless scenes depending on series, but again absolutely NO NUDE & NO SEX.

Because our video respects customers' 'Imaginations' and produced as Bondagette style 'Image Video', there is almost NO Stories, NO Dialogs. Instead, young and pretty Japanese girls are bound and gagged, strugging in their bondage from the beginning to end.
What we are looking for is 'Beauty of bound Girls', and 'Eroticism of Women wearing Cloths'.
Please don't misunderstand our Videos, and don't expect HardCore SM scenes either.

Note: To protect the portrait rights of models, their faces in the sample image are blurred partly. But of course the real video has no such blurs.

For further information...http://www.dream-1.net/BD/EN/

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