Jazz, classic label [Tokyo サウンドシテ ¨]

Tokyo sound city planning (T.S.C.C label) is a jazz and classical music, has produced many outstanding works were evaluated in magazines, etc..

Can't quite hear in major indie labels as sound and acoustic environment, to record the sound with a commitment, tastes.

From this to the other are not high quality delivered to create original sound and music lover who will continue.

Once, our label music please listen! <IMG src="http://www.tscp.co.jp/image/logo_TSCC_w100.gif" border="0" alt="T.S.C.C.レーベル" hspace="10" vspace="2" align="right"> <A href="http://www.tscp.co.jp/" target="_blank">Tokyo sound city planning home page</A>

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[Jazz album] Yoko Sykes u dont ノー me YOU don't KNOW ME / (total 14 songs)

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