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JAGA's foot God gifts feet Kasumigaura photo collection of cool South, NAO-Chan uniform + student from soles


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This model is the cool South, Nana-chan.
Models with a lovely smile and lively impression it is. Egypt type foot shape;
Size is 24 cm.

With skin and foot care less about, but was the sole kinda horny hardening degree, good condition.
It is that Kana-Chan uniform soles.
Prior to taking aimless walking around barefoot was in (laughs)
Was indoor dust and I lied on the back foot. This is so good!
And that is a shot of the soles of the feet with dust.

Is shooting lying and taking on all fours, sit. To see a beautiful state, in bibs had soles clean.
And, Would you believe it.
Balanced dust, not to mention water bibs,
Moisture is given on the back foot, and for skin and hardened calluses is no longer or not.

It is transformed into beautiful, a pnpn soles soles of the baby, such as.
Performed in close-up photography to you enjoy this beautiful soles.
Also, seated in a Chair taking from behind were taken at various angles and the.
I think it has enough to satisfy.

Come and enjoy.

Image number 157-image size 4608 × 3456
* Actually, from this little camera is level up will.

* More photographers are also considerably improved!

* This product we are compressed into zip files, so unzip, Lhaca soft and unpack.
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