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Feet soles tickling pictures vol RUMIKA


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Product Information

This time, we will deliver a photo book of RUMIKA which was very popular!

It's not a sole photo book, it's a tickle photo book, so it's tickling
I am taking a picture of the state, but my tickling hands are in the way
I also put a photo of the sole of the foot in a stationary state.

Rumika-chan has come to whatever she recommends to be a woman she likes, after being recommended by his beloved boy, surfing and snowboarding have improved considerably.

But he is ...

It was "Tickle Fetish on the soles of the feet" !!!

Fully believing in him, RUMIKA seriously thought about beauty and health and came to the shadow of our proud tickling machine Jaga. .. ..

RUMIKA, who is a tickler, is not good at soles.

Even though I love him, I can't stand it anymore.

RUMIKA's limitative expression completely suppressed by the power of the shadow

Moreover, that Etsuko is tickled continuously by two or three people,

On the verge of oxygen deficiency !! A serious expression of agony in a DVD

“I tickled my soles. ]

RUMIKA's photo collection, which was taken during the recording of, finally appeared !!

further! further!

Besides the photo book, the DVD

“I tickled my soles. ] Part of vol.1 is a special appendix.


I want to see more photos! For those users ...

DVD "Ze has tickled his soles with cosplay! ] Vol.1


"Mr. Jaga tickled the soles of his feet while wearing stockings. ] Ol.4

Another set of photos taken at the time of recording the two works!

Number of images 44 + 63
Image size 3264 × 2448
Video recording time 2:05 min (24 bit, 640 x 480, 30 fps)

Model RUMIKA (19) T: 163cm S: 24.5cm

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