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MORIWAKI or 44-year-old

Product number: bon-01-08
Series: 告白リアルオナニー オナニー
Genre: Masturbation
Dealers: 3 rd STAGE

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Product Information

154 cm49kg B94 (D) W63 H91.
It is and meets the libido with Masturbation Nipples nipples only at where you feel this wife six guys all same SEX that was still without, to stealing the eyes of my daughter once a week. Sexual awakening, along with physiological as well as physical changes began in the caress chest's junior year.

Since than SEX masturbation continue to love has been like. Masturbation... for some reason, using ice and the calligraphy brush. Bet from left lying and first grope a breast nipple and nipple pick.
Take the sigh leaks out the brush dipped in ice after a while slowly trace around the breast, and at the same time, run out of the cold and wet brush to the chunk of ice, and also to the nipples, left-to-right, now chunks of ice in hand nipples, left, right and reiterated after the brush again to the left nipple, and one with high and strong voices are out. Was really the only breast stimulation masturbation.

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