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Kawasaki bomb! -8 Hours (3 Mbps) 2 discs FTA-068


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900JPY (Including tax)
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TypeSizeImage qualityReplay timeDRMStreamingDownload
wmv 927.08MB 2,450kbps
50 minute, 16 seconds
Yes possible possible
wmv 996.53MB 2,500kbps
53 minute, 5 seconds
Yes possible possible
wmv 929.20MB 2,300kbps
53 minute, 18 seconds
Yes possible possible
wmv 678.98MB 2,450kbps
37 minute, 7 seconds
Yes possible possible
wmv 781.48MB 2,050kbps
50 minute, 26 seconds
Yes possible possible
wmv 966.26MB 2,450kbps
52 minute, 29 seconds
Yes possible possible
wmv 865.82MB 2,350kbps
48 minute, 59 seconds
Yes possible possible
wmv 618.93MB 2,200kbps
37 minute, 41 seconds
Yes possible possible

Product Information

Holiday! First BIG title! Kawasaki Orange tasteful 100 titles recorded solid masterpiece! Is a man of exceptional talent FTA-001 found that manufacturers have a famous amateurs-first time めーかー crazy looking strain will surely satisfy users desire to leaves, including numerous masterpieces edited 8 times. Strong support in a variety of genre! That would be a new wind blows masturbation life recently and did not. Entering anything popular busty milf amateur, pervert people "new of life" to cheer. This DVD Let's play before this adventure! Help not wanted to masturbate from that moment! Released 2008 / 07 / 02 480 minutes recording time