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Messiaen doesn't taste school work alone!


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Attention from the Pentagon and NASA "world artisans 3″ and is? Anyone not "work" and "too cheap jobs shunned by the people ' mold made up to this motto, are wide ranging, including consumer electronics, computer equipment, medical equipment. Be made such as lithium-ion batteries contributed to miniaturization of mobile phone cases, known for its reputation. In addition, succeeded in mass-production of world's small "needle stab also hurt". Achievement has been in the past, and not in the press, such as deep drawing metal processing and "global artisans." die magician 1″ as has attracted great attention both domestic. Recognized that technological and Tokyo merit awarded in 2003, 2004, Asahi Optical 讐 Chapter Award, good design award in 2005. Former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, and Chairman Okuda original Sutra at Lian bother taking the time to visit. Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara has said Okano "King invention". MINO Mon had, aside from executives TYU, torigoe Shuntaro six Fu yong said many people yearn for Okano. "That extends beyond the more who do try! "※ This product is" Messiaen school work just doesn't taste! " (This bookstore publication Okano Masayuki by ISBN:978-4-7696-0956-8 1,470 yen (including tax)) is one of the audio. (C) M.Okano 2007