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90% Fail once hated eminent 90% success


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Product Information

Everyday in contemporary society is a continuous relationship between people and exactly. Asked what someone asked, it 断わったり, or refused.... Number of communication essential to live in this society. Introducing the "interpersonal psychological skills to become" Maeda Daisuke is a psychological counselor's career has served as a lecturer in business psychology seminars also work, but given the "120 percent favorable impression" strangers, "ally turned me so" feel speak to say that"and. Even annoys many people in the second half, and solve problems not exploited lies ", not irreplaceable while would depend on reliable and trusted, has targeted our acquired important people and will remain forever desirable relationship is the ultimate communication psychology skills. Discover the power of numerous psychological know-how with proven TA (transactional analysis) psychology and psychological science NLP of the latest in abundance. You will look forward to starting today, every scene "favors to get". This is not the book written just for a good sociable people. Enter who favor hand expected to somehow difficult to socializing "people" and "who sounds quite not reported feeling" is like psychology manuals. ※ This product is "once liked by 9 percent success is disliked by 9% failed" (thus Bookstore publication Shimizu Katsuhiko by 1,470 yen (incl. tax) ISBN:978-4-7696-0951-3 224 pages) is one of the audio. (C) D.Maeda 2007