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Take ocean Sunfish sailing 1 poison


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Product Information

That first awakened world was flooded with so strange that you desire....... Recklessness humor essays of Akutagawa Prize writer MORIO Kita, Sunfish series take the poison now audio books. World tour 5 months between ocean Sunfish teacher of young psychiatrists boarded up as a ship's doctor early Showa 30's, fisheries research vessel of the Fisheries Agency's way. Queer communication incident comes across in the ports of call during the voyage of life, Asia, Africa, Europe and rarity, the people. Preeminent civilization criticism backed by episode ふきだす involuntarily and rich culture, humor and weird coined unique ocean Sunfish teacher's sentence, pictured with crisscross.  Tickled pink SL youth power, curiosity, and unconventional, free spirit filled masterpieces!  Accentuate the unique writing, good tempo aihara Mai logic's witty readings, hear people get tired. "That the published audiobooks work list by"