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Private Queen

Product number: H-40
Series: ひよひよくらぶ
Star: 丹雫ひよ
Playback time: 収録枚数552枚
Genre: Anime Dojin Cosplay (Hardcore)
Dealers: Hiyohiyo's Club

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2940JPY (Including tax)
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Product Information

Private Queen journal ( クイーンズブ-menace-ID )

* * journal number 552 cards **
-Graphic design-costume configuration group-

Contents introduction to graphic design (more info).
1 Queen menace 2 P color dress ancient
 "Shooting situations: Asian Studio-lesion background & ブラックラティス Studios > Perfect cosplay!
 Accompany セプターセトラ also reproduced in full modeling
 But as fulfilling ROM release ☆

☆ enjoy big breast appreciation from below the chest armor
 Specifications attachment/detachment of armor that can be as you cum boobs & Underwear shoot migration ☆
 Ambiances menace was also seen and fully equipped costume!
 Plaque background changed the atmosphere in black Claus lie shooting and

Your cum tits out armor release Ver also journal ☆
 In the contrast of skin and other profound black shine ブラックラティス

Breast on all fours, and semen thick & dildo scene also journal ☆
Pink 1 stripe bikini
 "Shooting situations: Asian Studio-lesion background & ブラックラティス Studios >
 Stripes pink bikini T back version at the same time above 3 スタジオシーン journal ☆

Other extras such as the iron-barred window scene also included!
For further details, please see the following site ☆

Journal images DVDROM version and same ( 1663X2500 ) will be full size journal.
[Dan shizuku hiyori hiyohiyo Club @ Elo:

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