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Niimi nankichi minamiyoshida fairy tale "GON, the little fox"


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"You heard me less so that when the grandfather named Shigeru Taira village is" soldier GON, the little mischievous spotted in ten are fishing in the River. Soldiers attack ten Creel leaves eyes, resents the soldier would discharge the catch dozens of fish and eels. About 10 days later, soldiers resents saw the cortege of dozens of mothers, eel that when one soldier enlightenment is the one ten was prepared for the mother, to reflect on. As his soldiers became the solitary amends one eel meaning partly resents sympathized with ten, stealing the sardine soldiers out to dozens of homes. However, the soldiers mistook stole a dozen sardine-soldiers stab dozens, to once again reflect on resents the. Then GON, the little chestnut picked up every day in the mountains and the mushrooms will deliver upon. Army ten think chestnut delivered daily to wonder and to consult the kasuke is said "it is thanks to God.". Soldier noticed signs of resents burglars in the House the next day, ten also and they think the hoax came, did not eat eel mother, would shoot resents. Army ten notices and chestnuts strewn resents fell next to c. Will be feeling sad do turn ending GON, the little death feel something important, deep inside, listening to what degree it tears soaked story is. The last horror and surely will be made.  Enjoy audio books, masterpieces! Other shoes and King "two ground frog" tree last year "1 Sen dropped pennies" journal.