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Secret hands pledge-Ginza expression in love and money becomes a woman get 100 million


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Product Information

The essence of things is very simple. Become more discerning the essence of love and marriage, stacked lovely time. Female trouble is when times of romance, beauty and money, is anxious about the future is all the same. And act more seriously thinking about money women love and marriage not to rely on men only new look also eliminates the fear of the future. If you rely or important good on anyone but yourself will be able to act thinking that. But isn't that just relying on a man to live, etc.. Life and love is not equipped with women not fun. Money and man, both need a happy woman! Ginza hostess, how a man prisoner while increasing the money and investment expert author will teach you! 100 Million circle, how do you put hands? ※ This product is "secret hands pledge-Ginza expression in love and money will get 100 million woman" (WAVE Publishing publication Asakawa Natsuki by ISBN:4-87290-281-5 1,365 yen (tax included)) is one of the audio. (C) natsuki asakawa 2006