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Ryunosuke Akutagawa Ryunosuke 04


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Product Information

'Nose' Synopsis: priest Zen 智内 specimen (ぜんちないぐ) it was. His nose length 18 cm and long in under the guise of kids came suffering this bitter terminations, don't care about on the surface wind was. One day, in the children know the way to shorten the nose, and succeeded in making their way to try and shorten the nose. However, began to laugh look at the nose and a few days short of. And in the to nose long specimen is about more than the idiots is now feel. Shorter noses and even had become like laughed in specimen, which like grudge shortened nose that reverse. One night, in the nose itchy sleepless night spent on children. And wake up the next morning, had returned to the original short nose long nose. 
In thought and who laugh at yourself more disappear kids.... Simultaneous recording / 'piano' Synopsis: residential area, Yokohama after the earthquake. The piano is collapsed early House tracks. 
"I" to listen to the sound of the piano 藜 no shadow in c. Simultaneous recording / "crab battle monkeys' commentary: short works depicting the old crab battle in monkeys then talk. After the comrade who killed avenge including cancer how they thought from the people of the world, whether you are faced with what fate has talked about.