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Akutagawa Ryunosuke Akutagawa 03


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"Spider's thread" Synopsis: Azuma depths of the pond of paradise, Buddha's day, I peeped at the far lower hell. Then find the thief Cantata "at the bottom of hell. Cantat was helped during his lifetime, little spider. So Buddha to guide the Cantata at the bottom of hell to Paradise Road and the Cantata the down one spider's thread. Think Cantata paradise from spider's thread, could go to paradise. And start-the spider's thread. However and suddenly look down along the way has become the countless sinners and rises thread. Cantata thought and if in the unlikely event 断れたら in the middle of the ' Kora, sinner though. The spider's thread is Masami (おれ)! You guys are what anyone fathom (き) came up, and. 下りろ. 下りろ. For more information and 喚いた. 
From Cantata hanging spider's thread has expired, is a Cantata again, falls into hell.... Simultaneous recording / "Dolly" Synopsis: ryohei came out to Tokyo with wife and children in the 26-year-old. Holding grammar correct (しゅふで) to the second floor of the early magazine publishers now. Things have recalled memories of his reason that he is without the surrounding Dolly. Construction of light rail laying began between Odawara and Atami when 8-year-old, ryohei (りょうへい). Dolly for transporting sediment and is used in its construction, ryohei will ride along the slope flooding face is transporting Dolly, Dolly,. Is said to come from middle slope flooding face, slowly, ryohei will be shifted "助かれば even lives" while thinking of one dark slope. Just as it arrived at the House, ryohei is would weep loudly.... 
Akutagawa Ryunosuke published 1922 ( 0/1922 ) novellas. Simultaneous recording / 'nun offers' Synopsis: nun offers (にだい) in feces disposal people. That of the disposal of excreta in the toilet and feces disposal people. Nun offers excreta in large tile generator (がき) always one afternoon,, responsible for its tile generator back and was walking down the road. Then meet one bishamon = Shaka Nyorai at. Avoid nun offers Buddha Buddha every walk is turning some of the meet. Part of the nun offers fall into the bag road, there is Buddha "or you may like my priest nun offers you! For more information and talk about the nun offers. Nun offers fate or whatever....