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Audio [novel] brave and village girl


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Product Information

The promise will be! Immediately 脱げ the dress, village daughter part 1!
"Carelessly you promise"brave sword once done let"village daughter Aisha. Really, coming out 17-year-old ゼルー.

Head is filled with "do things", and so 2 is a pretty serious romantic comedy ecchi, but it's of little. 1 Talking about his childhood friend test no. 2 story neighbors tsugumi mouth episode 3 at least hear their voice heard Episode 4 could not down original black movie cast narration traces the story of 5-Kun / laughs jubei ゼルー / EI Aisha / Takeda Satoshi Minagawa Martha King f /-torrent / 相坂 land freed / Nippori kuboso Tai リーリーナ-IRIS / one suwanose Ricca mat and production ノベルレコーズ