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Akutagawa Ryunosuke Akutagawa 01


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Product Information

'Magic' Synopsis: visit the "I" get showed using House マティラム Mithra Kun (young, learned the famous 婆羅門 Hassan, named Mystic, sorcery landlord) of magic a drizzle of rain the night. "I would experience the magic in the House. After experiencing some weird "I" would ask ask magic you Mithra. The thing and Mithra I say thinking Hassan Kung's magic and learnt, first of all should abandon greed of. Childhood learning sorcery Mithra you only about 1 month "I will announce the magic in front of their friends is"I"are learnt greed do not throw away. 
In the thought "I just just January was just 23 minutes during a dream.... Simultaneous recording / 'Tangerine' Synopsis: Nippori that winter. "I" Yokosuka from up hip corner of the 2-passenger, idly wait for the train whistle had had. Long train whistle sounds and 慌(あわただ)しく person, ten 34 puss into Yes shall come. And that chick is sitting next to "I". Thought the train entered the tunnel, and finally exiting the tunnel, then the other side kick fence, lined with red cheeks three boys "I" stand (s) saw. A warm dye to color, Matsu has has five star, 六 Tangerine found automobile asunder and pumping with children on Sky stopover (s) are. Repaid to the pains of the brother who came to puss is thrown from Tangerine, see all the way off in c.