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Market magician chapter [5]


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That guy who is amazing so World book or known round 1 せめた Wizard series to be commemorated. Behold and without reading the book, to invest in unison, everyone world wide traders say sense in the investment industry! From this translation is published for the first time after nearly 10 years. Economy and experience got and nobody much difficulty during this time, the stock market is extremely sluggish. Increased voice you wish to reprint the book translations at this time that immutable truth tells that the trading philosophies and techniques. This is a great pleasure for translators who issued this translation. Expect round met each reader who was this new translations to their objectives and to traders. 7/2001 Asset management co., Ltd. President Aozora Naoki Yokoyama foreword towards the 'Magician' market Japan English reprint. Dr and psychology No. 5 chapter trade-table of contents... van K sharp (trade psychology), PostScript, and at the end and addendum 1 (C) Addendum 2 YOKOYAMA Naoki 2001