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[Tickling] Complimented by being tickled, do you like her? [Saki Miizumi]


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It seems to wrap up all boys
Sister Misaki-chan.

This time, Saki-chan
"I love my boyfriend,
Compliant with her girlfriend who wants to tickle. ''
And I was ticking a lot! !

To Saki-chan in a tank top
Excitement does not stop.
Because the armpits and neck are completely visible. . .
And yet, it ’s always like that
I'll see you here

You have to tickle.

If you put your hands on
Your fingers gently stroke your armpits.
I just touched my fingertips
The voice of a "woman" from her cute mouth. . .

What will happen if you tickle more?
I'm thrilled just by thinking.

Tickling aside, stomach
The weakest seems to be aside.
5 fingers under armpit
I just started running cheerfully
"I can't stand anymore."

Good grief,
If you can't keep your orders, you have to punish them.

Continue with Saki-chan ’s mouth
Squeeze the hem of the tank top
I will make a mess around my white belly!
I want you to reflect on your punishment, but ...

"Honya ~"
Oh ... look at Saki-chan's face.
While my boyfriend stroked my head
Stomach stroked with fingers
The face is completely melted.

Far from remorse,
I'm begging for more, this.

I can't stand it anymore in response to it,
The lower milk that I saw from the gap in the tank top from a while ago
Tightened inner thighs extended from shorts
Your fingers are going to H places little by little.
When tickling a girl's important place
Gently and slowly.

I feel good
I can not hide it-

"Hey, hey. Can I touch it myself?"

Armpits that were so weak
Armpits guarded by lowering arms when touched.

At the end I raised my arm even though I did not order
While being bullied with my boyfriend's finger
I'm masturbating.

And when you look at the movement of your comforting finger,
It's fast when you're bullying your armpits.
Oh, Saki-chan.
For the pleasure that completely tickles the armpit
Sounds addicted.

Saki-chan's face can be seen just because she was tickled.
Cute smile when ticking and laughing.
H-face that feels good and comfortable.

Since this one is packed with both,
We guarantee that you will be satisfied with this one for tickling fetish.

By all means, please be full of full version!


Tickling fetish master
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・ Request reception by DM and @ tweet
Your ideal situation
An actress who wants you to come out
"I want to make a video I want to see"
to you,

We look forward to your request!


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