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[With bonus video] Mihin's tickling series 1-3 collectively DL


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File List:UHD(4K)

TypeBest image qualityReplay time
mp4 16,950kbps
11 minute, 7 seconds
mp4 19,350kbps
12 minute, 32 seconds
mp4 19,200kbps
11 minute, 54 seconds
mp4 19,150kbps
5 minute, 45 seconds

Product Information

With non-sale bonus video!
20-25% off at set discount price!
Mihina's tickling series,
It is a set product of all three together.
* Tickling videos only. Foot torture is not recorded.

◆ UHD (4K) image quality download
3,180 yen × 3 = usually 9,540 yen,

25% OFF

6,980 yen (with video not for sale)

◆ HD (FHD) image quality download
1,980 yen x 3 = usually 5,940 yen,

25% OFF

4,480 yen (with bonus video not for sale)

◆ SD image quality download
1,480 yen x 3 = usually 4,440 yen,

20% OFF

3,480 yen (with bonus video not for sale)

Bonus videos
"Tickling Janken game! 』

Play Janken,
Winner loses
Simple rules to tickle.
If you lose three times
Tight tickle is more!
Who will win the game three times ...! ?

* The information below is for the total of all the main features and bonus videos.
Playing time: 41 minutes [min]

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