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Really collaborate with two exposed contributors who are stimulated by lewd curiosity! Married naked photo session held in the daytime


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Posted by P / Micro
♀P / macro (age private / reception) Nadia (age private / investor)

Comments from contributors: [I enjoyed playing with Nadia, Bluewater and outdoor exposure / love hotels] It was. (Continued with ↓)

I had been contacted by Bluewater for a long time, but due to problems with the schedule and being far away from each other, it was difficult to achieve. I don't think it was possible without Bluewater and Nadia.

Before we decided to shoot erotic photos, we had a thorough discussion with four people. On the day of shooting, we met at a station and headed directly to Loveho with a micro car. After taking a shower with a couple ... Women who take off bathrobe suddenly suddenly. Immediately start taking a picture (a woman sits a lot more than a man).

The macro is also naked and poses with her M-shaped legs and spreads the shaved pussy with her fingers and looks at the camera. Shooting progressed according to the request of the men. After that, couples play together, show sex and gasping voice reverberates throughout the room, and that voice stimulates and makes it more intense play!

I can't play as if I was worried about each other ... (I still have little experience). It became a fun shoot with laughter and not an erotic atmosphere.

Next is outdoor exposure. When you drive to the destination, no one is expected in our secret exposure spot. There are many cars on the road, but the purpose should be different from us. right? And outdoor exposure shooting. (Nude macro where a person comes along the way, just hurry and put on clothes).

Unfortunately, Nadia wasn't able to get naked because the moon came just before. He worked hard in various ways (because his head was lowered). So this time I shot a shaved pussy in front of everyone who is dressed naked with only one macro.

Ms. Bluewater often shoots from close range, and the female team said “too close!” And it is fun to shoot away from the situation. Is it like ...

Next time I would like to enjoy poses that I could not do this time, Nadia-san and macro collaboration naked urination, outdoor sex. This encounter is also thanks to Apple Photo Gallery Dating. Thank you for making a meeting place.

Hen: A detailed comment on the collaborative contribution that this two P / Micro & P / Blue Water enthusiasts enthusiastically collaborated with in this very carefully posted comment. Macro, thank you for sending us your collaboration post. Since the beginning of the encounter is my dating at Apple Photo Studio, there is no such a nice post.

That's why Mr. Micro, who starts out, commented, Mr. Macro who was exposed outdoors alone, but as a gallery, a couple of Bluewater refrained from the screen. Mr. Macro's body is exposed in an open-air mood on the observatory with a good view. I can't collect this ripe body ...

A general pope appears several times along the way, and when it rushes away, it still remains. Bluewater Nadia would have been very surprised. Collaboration outdoor exposure finally realized by midfield exposure. Macro and Nadia lined up their shoulders and made boobs boobs.

Nadia couldn't get naked because of her menstruation, but it was a super-precious exposed wife & a miracle shot where she could fit into one camera. It's an irresistible video for exposed fans. This happiness to enjoy two female bodies side by side. Thank you ~~ ♪

Now, the photo part of the play part at Love Hotel is a photo shoot that seems to be really fun. I am impressed that Blue Water is shooting up with the longed-for micro / macro couple. And the super embarrassing sex show that begins. Right next to a couple having sex, a couple having sex ...

Macro also laughed at this super-different space, saying, “It ’s kind of strange…”. Macro is also enjoying this extraordinary life, saying, “Yeah, something interesting.” Both of them are imperfectly burned, but that is the real sex that an amateur couple showed for the first time. Naturally confused, and that is the correct amateur post!

The strongest tag video of an exposure-loving couple who is really looking forward to the collaboration post taken by Bluewater before the next shoot. Four men and women begin to overlook the tension, kofun, and smile!

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