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Mikako & Rena - Double Face Nose Licking 1 of 3

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Product Information

※ Price setting is higher than usual,
2 people blame + 2 people fetish play + scale is also doubled,
I think you can fully enjoy the volume!

What came this time!
Super famous Lori girl
Abe Mikako and Aoi Rena! !
Both Mikako and Rena
As erotic long tongue series was very popular,
Requests for re-appearance were inundated.

In response to such requests from the tongue fetish comrades,
They called me together.
Tongue spit play by two strongest beautiful girls like a dream,
It has been realized!

Six saliva hentai kuns
To beloberodrogodochogucho
I was blamed!

Each day ’s daily desire
I'm requesting
Hentai-kun for each person
The contents of fetish play are different.

But not one person left
The most comfortable
I was ejaculated ...

This video
The first and second players
I am recording.

First person,
"Vero fully open face licking course"

It ’s a two-person blame,
This time also from the left and right
Sandwich face licking
Suddenly start! ! !
The best part ...! ! !

On the right cheek,
On the left cheek,
The tongue of a beautiful girl
Feeling to whisper ...

And if you close your nose,
From the breathing of two beautiful girls
Smelly bad breath & velvety & saliva ...!

I don't collect!
I want 10 nostrils! !
There aren't two! ! !

Hentai-kun's face with two people
Licking up
Mikako and Rena.

"I can't stop!"

But without resting your tongue
Hentai-kun's face
From the left and right with the best tongue tongue
Two people are blaming!

“How is the smell of Yodare?”
"I've got a habit in my face!"

And pierce the odor fetish
I can't get enough words!

Even after lying down without being patient
Two people tongue licking blame is
I will not stop! !

Hentai-kun's face
Even this
Two long to thick velvet
I will continue to lick.

From left to right
Press against the nose
If you were pleased to get
Without time to rest
Next is Mikako's belly belly
Mugyu ~~~ in the nostrils! When
I will attack! ! !

And the ultimate is
With double pressing
Left and right nostrils
It is blocked by two tongue tongues
Dream play ...!

Just plug it in!
Two more breathed together
Double licking
It's already a masterpiece ...! ! !

Repeated over and over again
From the jaw to the forehead
I pressed my stomach
For full double licking,
Hentai-kun is hula too.

Of course, around the nose
The face is the saliva of two women
It's already a little more.

Finally, two people at the same time
Press tongue tongue against nose
While getting
Belo's feel and harsh smell
I got caught while being fucked.

And second person.
The next transformation is
Request for a spitting course.

In front of the two best Lori girls,
Kinky-kun who is nervous.

Such a tense transformation-kun
As if to play
In front of you

"Gujujuju, Kuchukchu"

And whistling in the mouth
Mikako-chan and Rena-chan to prepare.

“How? Only the sound… Gujujuju…”

And when saliva collects,
Bring your face close to Kinky-kun,
The saliva collected in your mouth in front of you
With octopus
Provoke even more in and out ...!

Even if only one person is fainting
Despite provocation play,
Because there are two people this time, it is inevitable! ! !

After a lot of rushing,
Of course, pe! ! ! When
A lot of saliva on the face
I will bukkake.

Like a shower
Show a lot of fine saliva
Against Mikako

Like a big rain
Heavy and sticky like a spear
Rena-chan splashes a lump of saliva.

Two people in no time
I was so ugly
I'm getting muddy in my face

With a particular camera angle,
A lot of saliva on the face
The state of hitting
The state of spit and falling from the face
We are perfect! !

When the vomiting saliva comes off the face,

“Look, I got stuck in my stomach ...”

I will not say it in words,
“What to do with spilled saliva?”
Mikako-chan who implied.

Mikako's de S plenty
As if
Spill spilled saliva with your finger
I will apply it to my nose.

Spilled saliva into my nose
Look at Kinky-kun,


These two,
It is de S more than imagined.

Take out the tongue brush,
Saliva mixed with velour
Double shower
Mikako and Rena.

Stuck to the tongue brush
Dirty and saliva
Tongue brush shakes on face
On the face of Kinky-kun
I will drop it.

Even after lying down
Saliva rain & saliva shower from two people
I can't stop!

Let alone face,
The upper body also has two crunchy saliva
Transformation of the great flood.

Smashed with tongue brush
Double belly spit shower
While bathing in the face
I got it!

Everyone too
Two dreamy girls
Double spitting &
In the velvet smelling play,
Imagine the ugly smell
Please give me a lot!


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