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AIKA - Face Nose Licking and Handjob

Series: AIKA
Genre: Spitting
Dealers: Tongue ベロマスター

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Product Information

[Tongue fetish belo fetish] Observe AIKA's erotic tongue and mouth
This is a sequel to (ton-144-1).

AIKA-chan's erotic
Face to Bechobecho
I was licked.

A tongue with plenty of AIKA's saliva,
And the saliva that is secreted from the mouth
It is bechobecho in the face.

From chin to forehead at once
Licking with Bello fully open,

Licking his nose,
Press the tongue to the nose,
I have a nose blow and I have a jubo jubo,
I got a spit of saliva on my face,

Anyway, there are many variations.
Several patterns of angles are recorded.

Fill the room
With the scent of AIKA's older sister,
Kinky-kun is already excited.

But what I really like is
"Old sister's mouth odor"
It is!

Such a pervert-kun's desire
As you can see,
The whole face around the nostrils
With thick velos with earrings
Glinglin licking around

Hentai-kun is just here
The saliva dripping
I will inhale as much as I can.

AIKA also
To the weak point (nose hole) of Kinky-kun
Have you noticed?
Lick up in the nostrils
Pause tongue tongue
Rubbing left and right
Licking the entire nose with the tongue,
Smelly nose blame
I'll treat you!

And the Neva ~ saliva
When hung on the face of Kinky-kun,
Just in the nostrils! !

Of course,
Zutsu! And AIKA's nose
I'm going to cum saliva!

In front of Kinky-kun's nostril
"Huh ~!"
AIKA chanting bad breath.

AIKA's sigh
Too good odor
"Please let me breathe more"
And request a bad breath
Furthermore, AIKA ’s sigh
Hentai-kun who gets excited by excitement.

Also on the erect cock
Try to sprinkle saliva

But kinky, greedy
I want you to put it on my face
I will request more (laughs)

AIKA also
“I ’m really greedy?”
While saying, with angry momentum
Pep! Pep! !
Pep! ! ! Pep! ! !
And plenty of face
I will give you a spit!

The last is mixed with sigh
While licking his nose,
AIKA chan
I couldn't stand it, so I got it.

All of AIKA's
Thick tongue with pierced ears
Licked by Beron Beron
Imagine being blamed,
Please roll it up.


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