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Please look at my man


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Hello, this is En'endo.

Posted by: Kiimo

This girl is Shiho.

Very very good woman.
Excellent height style ★
Excellent cleanliness ★

Such a child is spreading her genitals and long legs, saying "Please look at my oma".

Well, she ’s a really good woman

I'm completely out of the world because of that.

I look at most people below.
I see my father as a completely different creature.

Still, I can't say it back.

However, because such a high-level woman spreads oma 〇 like a fool, the drunk drink falls

Please take a look.

□ Recommended points
・ It is a model girl.
Do you have mass-produced girls? These guys are completely ridiculous creatures, right?
However, this child is just a mass production type, and the level is completely top class.
please think about it. If a mass production woman looks good
It means that personality will be the worst for the father
Please take this into consideration.
I think I can be more excited when I feel the light that licks the world behind her eyes

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