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Busty loli

Product number: WT-004
Series: ぷにもえ 白虎企画
Genre: Anime Dojin Cosplay (Hardcore)
Dealers: Fence co., Ltd.

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Product Information

Elf ears with pink hair! 148cm minimum layer of F cup big breasts & cute Loli voice!

I took a sneak shot!

Thank you for always seeing. I ’m also a sergeant.

Yarakashi case of amateur woman and male idol is a hot topic.

“Yarakashi” is a radical stalker fan,

There are frequent cases similar to the layer neighborhood.

I often participate in shooting with the help of my friend circle.

I often fall in love with Mr. Layer who meets me on such occasions.

Layers taken by others look attractive about 2.5 times.

If you look at them who are pointed at the camera and take a sexy figure, the spotlessness will not stop.

So, when the other party doesn't see, I sometimes scream, “Please let me take a picture.”

Moreover, this is a high rate of sexual intercourse.

Of course, I know that hundreds of such actions are legal in the help of the other club.

No longer called as Yarakashi bastard.

But I can't overcome my desires.

The battle between Yaba, who may be in danger, and more libido is a battle between reason.

However, when you ca n’t stand Chi

If it is difficult to meet at the local resident layer, we may negotiate for shooting secretly on the spot.

When the other party's circle is not looking at it, it quickly reaches the point of action.

This thrill is unbearable.

Of course, these betrayal videos are completely separate from those for distribution and sales, and are stored for use in Zurineta.

The video that I post this time is a personal photo taken with Mr. Layer who I met in such a helping place.

It is an important okazu video that is really snakerot yourself.

It ’s just a video that ’s struggling with layers,

There was no plan to put it out because of the relationship with the other party.

However, thanks to the fans this year, our circle also had the opportunity to see the eyes of the day.

I really appreciate it.

Therefore, we will “sit” this personal video.

Because it is a private betrayal sleeping sex video,

Please understand the preparedness of death that may be troubled by the other club.

The layer that I was so addicted to,

The breast is an excellent material called F cup while it is 148cm and the minimum figure.

Kos is quite a maniac, but Succubus-chan from the 9th episode of "Konosuba".

Pink hair and elf ears look good! Of course she is not a succubus character.

There will be many such calls as I get knocked down from my sleeping connection proposal.

Negotiations were made immediately and the bed was secretly taken when the other club's filming paused.

I was really excited.

It ’s a short time before other circles return, so there ’s a busy part,

Fully enjoy the body. Layers are really irresistible to swaying tits and cute voices.

Please enjoy secretly.

MP4 / approx. 38 minutes / 1280 × 720 / approx.1.4GB
Cooperation: White Tiger Project

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