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Beautiful leg pet shop queen explodes with sexy feet in room clothes and langerie

Product number: PS-7
Genre: Crash
Dealers: Ballads food SIN

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5480JPY (Including tax)
5480JPY (Including tax)
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TypeBest image qualityReplay time
mp4 2,450kbps
2 hour, 5 minute, 46 seconds

Product Information

She is a neat and cute 24 year old pet shop clerk, 160cm, 24cm feet
Thanks to patience beyond the imagination of the new actor, the pet shop clerk
Her ability was released to the fullest and her work became a tremendous work.
Converse and kicking with bare feet are pretty hard and the actor has nosebleeds
He was worried by a colleague who saw his face at the company the next day when his cheeks cleared up.
Then it is the knee high socks overall heavy riding, but how far can you endure
She counted up to 100, but it was just 2 minutes when the actual time was measured.
Although it is a face ride, a normal person is tough even for 10 seconds, but 2 minutes is quite amazing.
Flying and bouncing over the body and face is also her physical ability.
The finger licking is still wonderful in the foot licking scene with raw feet.
This work is packed with her ability and charm and is the best masterpiece.