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Mai Kawakita - Face Nose Licking and Handjob

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Product Information

[Tongue fetish belo fetish] Observe the erotic long tongue and mouth of Kawai Mai
This is a sequel to (ton-140-1).

Mai-chan's long ~
Face to Bechobecho
I was licked.

Tongue with plenty of Mai's saliva,
And the saliva that is secreted from the mouth
It is bechobecho in the face.

From chin to forehead at once
Licking with Bello fully open,

Licking his nose,
Press the tongue to the nose,
I have a nose blow and I have a jubo jubo,
I got a spit of saliva on my face,

Anyway, there are many variations.
Several patterns of angles are recorded.

To entertainer hemp hemp
A similar Mai-chan.

Personally, Mai is better
Sister Aura Bingbing
S too, above all
Tongue tongue is long! (← important)

Such Mai, early start,
He / she showed a lot in scene 1
Hentai-kun's face with the best tongue tongue
Bello! I will lick.

Belo is long,
Combined with moderate warpage,
How to lick is also a little different.

Not the destination
Bello belly
Like licking the face
I'm thrilled.

Not only that,
When licking
Exhaling in the mouth
Because it licks me
Irresistible anymore…! ! !

Too much of Mai
For good licking,
If you notice during editing
Bing dick instead of mouse
I was holding it ... (reflecting)

Unexpectedly at Mai's velour
"Oh, it smells so good ..."
I will leak my voice.

Using the belly belly again and again ...
Let the tongue tongue crawl from bottom to top,
Zubot the destination! Zubok! When
Thrust into the nose,
All you can do is Mai-chan.

Mai-chan, with her own smell
I became irritated by the smell of saliva
Unintentionally on Hentai-kun's face
Say “Kussa!”
Oh ~! Pep! ! When
In addition, I will get rid of it with a spit!

Mai-chan's habit of licking
There are no more cocks
Kinky-kun who has become ticking.

Even after lying down
Make your face violently
Or spit into the nostrils ...

About the nose in your mouth
Thinking about the root of Belo
Pressed against the nose,
Feeling sigh
I got ridiculous.

you too,
Mai-chan's finest long belo
The smell and feel of the belly and root
Please give me a lot!


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