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[Tickled · M man tickle] training tickle to junior members by athletic club de S beauty senior and classmate [Hatano Yui & Forgiveness]

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Product Information

With the absolute upper and lower relationship of the athletic club system as a shield,
In the name of "Tuning"
Hatano, who has given up on me many times.

Taking advantage of such Hatano seniors,
A classmate's nephew who gives up with me someday.

Such two people,
Become more erotic
I came back before I became a member of society !!

With that,
This guest is
Hatano Yui & Satoshi's!

In front of the unrestrained junior,
Drop oil in your hand to show off,
Two people who move their hands awfully.

To two naughty smiles and their fingerlings,
A lot of memories that were given up in my school days come back ...!

Don't miss such subtle changes,
20 fingers wrapped in white gloves,
With the help of oil,
Move around the body endlessly
I suffer from juniors.

Although at first glance I can not see it in the athletic club system,
Contents are two people in the sports club system of Gori Gori.

Look for the weaknesses of the opponent one place one place,
As soon as you find a weakness,
And I will accuse you so persistently.

Not too intensely to blame,
Juniors are like fish caught
I move and resist my body,
I will not be surprised because it is firmly restrained.

on the contrary,
The blame of two people excited about the state of the junior
I will further heat up!

Tickling in embarrassing fashion,
Shame play such as words blame interwoven
I will stimulate the M part of the other party without mercy.

In the pain caused by tickling
Sexual excitement that sprouts slightly
And the word blame that stimulates shame properly is also included,
Juniors are even masochists hidden inside
To be naked to two people,
Literally, my body and heart are tickled,
I will be blamed.

It should be a bitter memory of my school days,
Instinct wants to be more aggressively tickled ...
Juniors who suffer in the middle of conflict and pleasure
Two people can not miss it,
How to blame two people will escalate further ...!

Is the pleasure like heaven coming to the end ...?
Hopeless memories like hell too! ?

Two people who look elegant and clean look out
There's no way out and there's no excuse.
The fate of juniors,
Please check this in the main part!


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