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【Lez Tickling】 “I want to be tickled. I can not say that” 【Hatano Yui → Forgiveness】

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Product Information

It has become a relationship that went into it from something
Yui of childhood friend.

One day Yui invites H
It is refused by Yui.
If you try this while drinking it
Something is wrong.
It doesn't look like you dislike it ...
Maybe ... are you happy?

Popular actress, Yui Hatano and forgiveness weave
Supreme Tickling Lesbian!

Do not blame erotic greed,
Pant to laugh unbearable
Because these two people can,
Super thick tickling play that can only be seen here
We recommend you with confidence!

【Main part outline】
Part 1
"I can't stand it because I'm irritated, I'm sorry!
Yui becomes horse riding
Blame with one finger,
You can blame gently and gently with five fingers,
In my ear, I say "Kochokocho" and whisper,
Anyway, I am nervous!
I will continue to play Shino-chan!

Part 2
"Don't wall?
Lean on the wall,
Focus on the side that has become empty!
I lick my back, lick my ears,
I want to do unlimited!
The last is with a naughty hand with a teat ...

Part 3
"Tickling, nipples licking, hand ● N 3 point blame ..."
Just push down,
Tickling, licking, hand ● N chaos three point blame
Shino-chan is also getting rid of it ...
Can you endure the blame of angry waves? ?


Tickling fetish master
I'm doing twitter!

・ Release date of latest work
・ Request acceptance by DM and @ Tweet
My ideal situation
Actresses who want you to put out by all means
"I want to make a video I want to see"
to you,

We are waiting for your request!

@ ticklingfetish

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