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[All in full! 】 All the excitement of the former female Anna's "Tsubero M Man" series!


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File List:無期限視聴,スマホ視聴可 4K

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mp4 5,800kbps
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mp4 850kbps
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mp4 20,750kbps
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mp4 750kbps
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Product Information

please note!!

Only one bonus video will be attached

[Bonus] Reward plan if you endure only 10 minutes of spoiled blame of the original female Ana!

If you endure the blame of the original ex-girlfriend for 10 minutes without ejaculating

This time Fetish man will challenge a plan to get a luxurious reward

Former plan starts to lick his cheeks with his tongue when the plan explanation starts soon

It seems that it has already erected when I stimulated the dick from the top of the pants.

Taking a dick out of the pants while hanging the spit on the face

In the pleasure of double with saliva torture, it seems to be immediately exciting and twists and warps and tries to escape,

Former Ana-chan will hold tightly and will not escape

Fetish man who wrestles to the end

Seriousness, desperation is transmitted

The more you try to endure desperately

Former Ana-chan, amusing and blaming

Sugo blame technique is also great

And ... (burst)

≪It is a digression≫

This was originally planned and filmed for the main part,

Because of the happening that it would be lost in just 3 minutes

W will be provided free as a service clip

In the field, I'm always doing games, focusing on documents,

As expected, it can't be done in 3 minutes.

On this day, I came all the way to this scene just for this filming, and got ready for a very early morning.

It ’s just 3 minutes and I ’m going home.

It is a serious game for such premature ejaculation.

Please enjoy

Recording: About 4 minutes

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① ~ A total of 19,800 yen, 11,980 yen !!

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------------------------------------ ↓↓↓ Saliva / Urine Sales Corner ↓↓↓ --- --------------------------------------

[Saliva / Urine Sales] will be done again!
※ Anyone can purchase this item, even if it is not a prime purchaser.

Product writing First come, first served! Limited sale! It is finished as soon as it disappears!

① Former Ana-chan's salivary ⇒ sold out

Early in the morning of the day of shooting, fresh saliva (about 1 ml or more) before brushing teeth in the morning and raw urine (about 20 ml)
It is collected in a perfume bottle with a high hermetic rate and stored frozen after ziplock.
* When frozen, the volume expands, so it is not full but contains more than half.
* Since we are not measuring the amount accurately, please forgive some errors (so that it will be many)
* Stuff wears rubber gloves to prevent direct contact with anyone except the person.

Only the saliva, the person's enclosed evidence video is now available on the “Sample Video for All Sales”!
There is no sample for urine (* A normal playback version will be sent to purchasers who wish to purchase)

【How to buy】
Bank transfer
Please contact us by e-mail with your name, mailing address for cool flights (can be closed at the sales office) and phone number
We will inform you of this bank transfer account on a first-come-first-served basis (transfer within 3 business days)
As soon as payment is confirmed, it will be shipped sequentially
Shipping costs will be borne here! (* Domestic only)
* If the transfer cannot be confirmed, notifications will be sent to the next runners
* The first-come-first-served basis of payment will be refunded after deducting the transfer fee.
* Not beverages or food. Please handle at your own risk.

Since it is a perfume bottle, you can watch videos while tasting the smell as it is.
I think you can enjoy it before and after watching

The mail address is tsubaberomo and
Please be careful not to make a mistake

Currently sold out

Price: Sold Out

Shipping: Cool flights, we will pay
Contents: The contents to be sent are described as “frozen confectionery”
Shipment origin: To secure private, will ship by "Saito"
* In addition, we will respond to requests such as sales office closure, date, time designation etc.

------------------------------------ ↑↑↑ Saliva sale corner ↑↑↑ ---- -------------------------------------

① Original ex-girlfriend Anna, recorder pelogcho licking & dildo pseudo Blow drool drooling! Sticky erotic tongue!

Sorry to keep you waiting!

Let's thoroughly enjoy the situation in the mouth of the former local bureau girl Anna!

Well, I wanted to record my mouth, my tongue, and my head a little more perfectly

In the first half of the experiment, the observation system is the center.

We have decided to gradually reduce the number of videos centered on play so far in consideration of the sales situation.


Elementary Ana-chan reminded me of my childhood and played by playing and licking recorders

During the recorder's secret training, the drool begins to drool from the recorder.

You can hear about its rich saliva

A smell of dry saliva at the tip of the recorder drifts over the screen.

While smashing the recorder, lick it lickingly

A large amount of drool flows from the bottom part


When I feel a little H before going to bed in my room after taking a bath

I thought the little dildo of the glans was my boyfriend's array and licked it

If you are licked so much while making your mouth pussy

The saliva volume is amazing!

And erotic tongue skills that seem thick and soft!

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 11 minutes

② [Tsubello M man] bad breath of the original female Ana! Tongue smell! The armpit smell! I'll be happy!

Former female Anna entered the scene for the first time The first appeared was a mask man of smelly fetish

While smelling a life odor from your home to your private clothes

I'm sniffing this smell like that of a former female Anna who just sweated a little

Without receiving explanations at Roku, a kind hearted former Anna-chan responds to the rude request with a bitter smile

bad breath! Tongue smell! The scent of the nail that was squeezed directly on the tongue moss directly on the tongue can be crushed in front of you

Dripping on your breasts and trying to clear your nipples with your nose, or stretching it with your fingers to dry it

Exciting MAX for ex-girlfriend who cares for her hair under a sweat that has been wet with a little sweat! Enjoy the rich armpit odor from the dead!

It is the limit of patience while saying that you should smell the tongue on the collar! And then push down and get down

Put your nose into your mouth while lying on your back, and you can do whatever you want!

Put the saliva in your mouth on your lips and let the maskman suck it up, but chew your nose and pick up the tongue!

Just an angel correspondence that licks the nose as it is!

Looking forward to the future development! Lol

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 11 minutes

③ [Tsubello M man] A former ex-girlfriend Anna like a closed room alone? Fully subjective video licking nose, brim attack, word blame!

This video gives you the feeling of being alone with former Ana!

Moreover, you can always see the cute face of former Anna!

"I want to be made a face with my tongue."

"Do you smell more drool?"

Former Ana-chan to blame

Dripping muddy saliva and licking your face with bechobecho

There is a lot of saliva secretion from the tongue, and saliva will flow down continually as much as you can lol

I was overwhelmed by the former Ana of De S,

To make a face sticky with a lot of muddy saliva

What a happy thing ...

If you want to feel this happiness, have a look!

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 11 minutes

④ [Tsubello M man] Subjective ex-girl Ana-chan's watching Tsubello and spitting spit!

Former Anna's cute face up

It ’s hard to stare slowly at such a short distance.

Moreover, this quality is amazing with 4K video!

Even celebrities can see various places that should not be seen if they stop by this much ...

Well, in many ways, I do n’t think it ’s possible to sell this raw material for a long time.

It is precious!

After thoroughly enjoying the beautiful face ...

Former Anna who opens her mouth wide and stretches out her tongue

Move your tongue with your tongue out, and your saliva gradually overflows from above the tongue.

White cloudy liquid dripping with pota

The surroundings are moa, wrapped in the bad breath and saliva odor of former Ana

And expectation expands in saliva volume w

This time is plenty of lens licking

"Do you want to smell your mouth?"

Speaking to the camera and spitting a bad breath makes the lens white and cloudy all at once

This cloudy lens is now licked from the side with the tongue from below

Make a squeaky sound so that your thick lips will stick to your kisses

The last is a spit spitting

As you can see from the sample, the amount of collar is abundant and the lens looks like your own field of view.

I am overwhelmed and gradually lose my sight

As the front disappears well in the brim, with further hoarseness

Even so, I continue to spit violently ...

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 13 minutes

⑤ [Tsubello M man] New project! In front of the subjectivity, ex-girlfriend Anna ’s toothpaste, mouth-to-mouth, tooth-viewing, dildo chewing & chewing!

This has been a request since I doubled up and it was not easy to plan

Oral observation thing

An oral fetish actor joined this time so I planned together

Although it is a new groping project that still requires many modifications and changes

Please forgive me in advance

Also, for future reference, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact us via Twitter DM or direct email with your comments and requests!

* New projects will continue to challenge more and more in the future

* The response will be scrutinized every time and unnecessary projects will be deleted more and more.

Recorded from the beginning of the toothpaste scene, using the mouth opener to watch the mouth (* all taken with a 4K camera)

And this is the first dental mirror!

Things that are harder to handle than expected, such as camera reflections,

This part is considerably cut off, such as the mirror becoming cloudy at the temperature of exhalation

We use only parts that are still visible (* Please forgive immature)

And the glans part of the dildo was bitten from a sweet bite, and it was gummy but also chewed

If you like it, please enjoy!

Recording: Approximately 15 minutes

⑥ Let's try it! Tsuba Bello play with no ex-girlfriend Anna!

Smell fetish man and two former Ana alone

I will lick and lick a man's face with a sticky tongue with saliva!

Former Ana-chan's rich saliva adheres to the entire face

From the man's face, the smell of ex-ana's saliva drifts ...

And finally Anna of the former Ana-chan

At the man's nose!

Former Ana-chan's tongue and saliva are attached near the nostrils

You can feel the rich smell of ex-Ana-chan!

Former Ana-chan licks her nose violently

I will grin at the feeling of the man I feel

In addition, hang saliva on the man's face and spread it over the entire face

By spreading your saliva, the smell of saliva becomes stronger

A fresh smell of saliva that can't be imagined from the face of a cute ex-girlfriend

The excitement of a man is the highest!

And it came, no way ...

Former Anna inserted tongue into man's nostril

He picked me up! ! !

Anyone who loves fetish smells this play!

Former Ana-chan will not hesitate and pick the nostrils with the tongue!

I smelled the smell of ex-ana ’s saliva directly

The man is the limit of patience

Then, former Ana puts out a man's cock and starts handjob.

A man fires a lot in handjob while licking a man's nose!

Imagine the smell of ex-ana ’s saliva

Please put out a lot!

Recording: Approximately 14 minutes

⑦ [Tsubello M man] saliva odor full in the room with too much saliva of former female Ana! Tsubello request!

Former female Anna with a very neat appearance, but the gap with blame is the best

First of all, check for bad breath

Probably clean white teeth, a little tongue moss, a lot of cloudy saliva

What does it smell like?

From the actor who requests halitosis many times, I can only think that I want to change

It seems to give me anything like “Oh, it ’s nice” while showing a bitter smile at each request

I'm a former Ana-chan, but I'm sure he's thinking (Eh?

From bad breath, licking the face, licking the nose, hanging down the face,

And licking the nose once more, request further nose hojihoji

This must be exchanging information with the actor

In addition, ask nose Jupo Jupo, a number of difficult challenges to such a beautiful woman first meeting

I'm jealous!

An irresponsible actor who is no longer reluctant to have his own desire in mind

"Can you close your nostrils with your tongue?" "When

The saliva of cloudiness flows down from the mouth of the licking mouth and tongue of the tongue that is kneaded around the nostrils

You can see a large flood of saliva all over your face

At the end, you will have to ask for a sword but you can finish it with licking nose and handjob!

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 11 minutes

⑧ [Tsubello M man] neat system slut former Ana-chan tortured the gymnastic thief!

"Did you steal my underwear?"

Underwear thief is barred and is restrained by former Ana

I will try to pass the lie to the former Ana-chan's question, but the punishment will start

Former Ana who licks the nose and face with a stinky tongue and blame the smell

Put your tongue into the nostril and swirl it, and we will also spit it in between

Force your mouth open and pour a lot of saliva!

Former Ana who was irritated by a man who doesn't confess, puts the tape on the man's mouth and blame the nose!

Former Ana who suffers from both smell and breathing

It becomes naked and accuses it with pressure on face sitting

Former Ana who discovers that it is erection though it is painful when sitting on the face backwards

Take off your pants and spit on your saliva to lick your nose and handjob!

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 14 minutes

⑨ [Tsubello M man] Former female Ana-chan thoroughly bullying the pervert man and mass saliva blame!

Former Ana will be fucked by a large amount of saliva!

First of all, I will have a lot of saliva drooping on my face while letting my former Ana make my knee pillow

In addition, you can have your saliva in that state,

You can lick your face and nose

The nose is blown with jupojupo,

Have your mouth polished with a toothbrush,

Have your saliva hung on your face with dirt in your mouth

M's face is already covered with ex-ana-chan's saliva!

Next, the former Ana will kiss you

Former Ana-chan spits a spit on her face when she comes close to her face!

This situation is irresistible

While doing this, M Man's dick is Bing

I got a former Ana-chan's saliva,

You can lick your face,

I'm being chewy with my nose as Beron Beron

Imagine the smell of saliva in such a beautiful girl

You just get excited just thinking there is a gap (laughs)

Please enjoy

Recording: Approximately 13 minutes

⑩ [Tsubello M man] Former female Ana is a large saliva slimy saliva play in the bath!

Former Ana-chan wearing a school swimsuit gets drenched in the bathroom!

A large amount of saliva is dripped over the body from the face.

In a short time, M Man's body will be covered with ex-ana's stuffy saliva.

The smell of ex-ana's saliva is already smelling (lol)

In addition, the former Ana-chan's saliva hangs down on the swimsuit water,

Slut-like M man-kun's face is forced to smell and smell

I had my mouth brushed with a toothbrush, and the dirt in my mouth was sprinkled with M-kun along with the foamy saliva.

Of course, you can have your face and nose licked by Beron Beron and have your nose jupojupo!

While the ex-Ana-chan got such a thing, M man's dick was Bing

The face and nose are licked, and the former Ana-chan's saliva is put on her whole body, and she gets caught while being surrounded by the smell of saliva!

Former Ana-chan wearing a school swimsuit, it seems that the newcomer local women's Anna is really being jerked on the program (laughs)

I'm happy to be able to bathe the saliva of such former Ana-chan (laughs)

Please enjoy

Recording: About 12 minutes

Sample Preview

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