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Evil Lady, Maya Shiraishi-Smash the running steam locomotive with boots and destroy it!


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Product Information

The villain, Queen Shiraishi
It seems like there was a lot of stress on the day

for a while
Queen Maya
Abandon the conscience and concentrate on crushing
I closed my eyes for about 15 seconds and meditated
As a result, it became uniform with a scary look

As if a monster was possessed
Crush and derail the steam locomotive miniature that is running aiming
Towed passenger cars
I broke down with the boots and destroyed them.

more than usual
We have increased the number of destruction scenes

By the way
Queen Shiraishi is wearing mini skirt boots (wearing pantyhose)
Pull up the skirt on purpose
It was like a vulgar underwear queen like "Wakame-chan"

If you just think
I wonder if the legs without pantyhose were more erotic! ?

★ The above photo is the usual image
Because the clothes of the video are a little different

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