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"You are my property for the rest of my life," a female teacher who is addicted to a majestic excitement and pledges a lifetime slave


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Posted by P / TheEdge
♀ P / slave doll Hitomi (29 years old, education relations)

Contributor comment: 01 [open leg restraint fist and anal simultaneous rolling madness] The arm which plunged in the back so as to crush the uterus ... At the same time three butt holes fingers ... By the way, I already finished the meat rod in the butt hole ... A perverted meat doll that is crazy about in a series of calls of "feeling ... and sorrow ...".

[Lotion Enema & 20 Marbles]
The 7th training starts from the hiring exam ...
The first training for the new year ...

If you put on a special collar, you will change into a kimono costume, and at first you will wash your bowels ...
After excretion ... injection of lotion enema-20 marbles ...
From hairless ma ○ co, sticky inclining dripping hanging down ... misery ...

[Circle Iki by clothing bondage]
Hitomi who has already transformed into a perverted meat doll ...

Broken meat doll ...

The feel of a rope that bites into soft skin ... The smell of hemp ...
The switch in the brain is already on ...

Just touch the skin ... 逝 ...
And only the voice of the Lord ...

Please look at the meat doll that has evolved to lewdness.

Hen: Amateur woman in a full-faced mask raising a horny male cry from the beginning. It is impossible to escape from the pleasure that is attacked by the cursed glamorous body. Nipple, and pussy and anal are equipped with various toys, and follow up with jigsaw vibes.

This hard training from the opening is a completed play and is a post by the master P / TheEdge who knows the people in the net post world. Screaming screaming screaming girl who is irritated is the supreme love guy P / Hitomi who came for himself in the training apprenticeship.

A scream screams down from her femininity with the crashing sound of a runaway jigsaw. The crazy Akume who makes the lower body bend like a bridge. The Edge is still up to this point but still hasn't stopped yet. The right hand strikes to the wrist, inserting fist. The left hand picks anal, butt hole mining. "Aguuguu ~~ i go U'!! Agiya ~ ~ ~ !!" as the cry of death scream, obscene scream ....

The second play that follows starts from the video of the local up. It is Hitomi who is anal fingered with forefinger .... What marbles to jump out of anal with fucking juice. As Mr. comment says, it is not the one or two but 20 pieces that it falls in a callan, a colon and a ball is the end of the lewdness.

And "dressing bondage brain Iki" play to decorate the last of this work. The word “brain iki” that you often see on the net these days, but the forbidden orgasm wrapped in its mysterious veil is published here. He carefully remembers the metallic sound of the chain attached to the collar to Hitomi's ear.

And if I push her in between her groin with my thumb, I wonder if my brain switch was pushed. Hitomi who has entered the limit sensitive brain Iki mode. Convulsions come in just by touching the lower abdomen lightly. The evidence is that the red pants are full of dignified female stains.

Hitomi who makes a glamor body convulsive and convulsions, and provokes a word, a nose hook, and a nipple irritatingly so that it can not be impossible. In the amateur post probably part of the "brain Iki" which will probably be the first public release in Japan, make sure with its eyes !! "You are my life for a lifetime ..." It is a publication of

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