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[Shrimp drop off] I will squeeze the M man of Aoba and Hanaoto


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Product Information

In response to the request that the scene in which a woman strangles a man can not be excused
In the future, I would like to make my works as narrow as possible into specialized images.

This time,
It is a sleeper too intense of Chouksleeper of Hanaha and Aoba.

Aoba is the first time it has been possible to squeeze the neck of others
It will be an image after teaching how to tighten tightly.
Master quickly and squeeze the man down very easily.
The scene where you squeeze your legs with the choke sleeper while sleeping is something full of fetish feeling.
Also, the meaning is that you are struggling with the fearless smile of Aoba, such a child is the most fearful.

Hanaon-chan is still full of Gagar crying Totenba!
Because the time to squeeze is long,
As a child who does not know hesitation, the man was deeply fainted.

While being fainted while writhing
There is also an S scene where you crush your face.

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