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[All in full! 】 W slut special! Aoi Rena-chan Nanami Yua-chan's "Tsubabero M Man" series full of excitement!

Product number: TVW-22z
Genre: Spitting
Dealers: Tickling JAGA's (1) femdom, Blowjob, oral, tongue, etc.

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Product Information

Everyone, the lack of sunshine of the rainy season and the temperature difference between warm and humid, the height of humidity

How are you spending?

If the laundry can not be dried outside, use a room drying detergent

It will smell like rags gradually

The source of this smell seems to be bacteria

Various bacteria lead to rough skin

Let's go to the dermatologist without hesitation if red pupputsu begins to appear on arms and back

In addition, once the clothes have a smell of rags, it is effective to wash every hour for 1 hour in boiling water at around 60 ° C.

Sometimes coin launderette is also good

Anyway, I'm too nervous, I'm scared of the train this time

It is natural, but smelly man is not mo w

Let's enjoy only the smell of women

By the way, I have kept you waiting very much this time

Aoi Rena-chan and Nanami Yua-chan

It's a series of plenty of intense play and it's a series of outrageous outbursts

After all, with a cute face in front of you, while the smell of saliva and muddy saliva is being done to the pith of the nose

And at the same time, if you keep being blamed in a row continuously by another person, there will be no lumps!

looking forward to!

We add two extra videos only to all

(※ I'm sorry, there is no bonus video this time)

As a bonus, I will attach a high quality version of pee scene and saliva scene

[A bonus 1 Aoi Rena person's peeing scene about 8 minutes]

[A bonus 2 sweet person spit inclusion scene about 4 minutes]

further! !

From among those who purchased "all up" by "7/16"

The toothbrush that Rena and Yua used during shooting

Please brush your teeth well again and put in plenty of saliva.

We just give a zip lock (signed) toothbrush for free to each one by lottery!

If you wish, please enter here

E-mail address → tsubaberomo Ato and

We will compare it with the "all in full" purchase history, so please enter the date of purchase and your account name.

Please specify which toothbrush you want, and email

Winners will be notified separately from the above email address

※ We also bear the shipping cost

↓ This is a great deal!

◆ 4K image quality version (all image quality downloadable !!)

1 to 6 total 19,680 yen, 10,980 yen !!

※ Blog in cart limited price is 10,680 yen !!!

◆ FH image quality version (FH, SD version downloadable !!)

1 to 6 Total 14,880 yen, 8,980 yen !!

※ Blog in cart limited price is 8,680 yen !!!

◆ SD image quality version (Only SD version can be downloaded!)

6,980 yen at a total of 11,880 yen for 1 to 6!

※ Blog in cart limited price is 6,680 yen !!!

--------------------------------------------- 唾 唾 尿 コ ー ナ ー ----- --- --- -------------------------------------------

This time also [slip urine sales] will be!
※ All can be purchased here, even anyone other than the purchaser

Your first choice wins! Limited sale! It will end as soon as it disappears!

1 Aoi Leana's spit one ... sold out
2 Uoreana-chan's urine

As early as the morning of the day of shooting, I will sell my first urine (about 20 ml) as well as the first saliva before brushing teeth (about 1 ml or more)!

Collected in a high sealing rate perfume bottle, and store it frozen on the spot after zip lock
※ It is not full because the volume expands when it is frozen, but more than half is included
※ Please note that some errors do not mean that we are measuring the amount correctly.
※ Suttaf wears rubber gloves and does not directly touch anyone other than himself

Only spit, the person enclosed evidence video (abbreviated version) is being released in "Sample video of all the prime sale"!

Urine will usually be sent free of charge to the buyer if you wish
※ In addition, the purchaser of the spit also sends the reproduction version to the applicants free of charge

【How to buy】
Bank transfer
Please let us know your name, shipping address and phone number via email
We will tell you this bank transfer account on a first-come-first-served basis (transfer within 3 business days please)
As soon as payment is confirmed, it will be shipped one by one
Shipping fee will be paid here! (※ Domestic limited)
※ If you can not confirm the transfer, contact will be delivered to the next point in sequence
※ The deposit will be made on a first-come, first-served basis, after the sold out deposit will be refunded with the transfer fee deducted.
※ It is not a beverage or food. Handling at your own risk.

Because it is a perfume bottle, you can also watch the video while tasting the scent as it is
I think you can enjoy it before or after watching

E-mail address will be tsubaberomo at
Please be careful not to make a mistake

Currently, only "2 is on sale"

1 spit 19,800 yen (tax, shipping included) ※ Please hurry as it is limited to one, it is the first win!
2 urine 9,800 yen (tax and shipping included) ※ 2 or more simultaneous purchase is 4800 yen discount Example) 2 bottles → 14,800 yen

Shipping: Cool flight, will be borne by us
Content: The content sent will be described as "frozen candy"
Shipping origin: Ships in "Saito" to secure private
※ In addition, general delivery, date, we will respond to your request

--------------------------------------------- ----- ----- 唾 尿 コ ー ナ ー --- --- -------------------------------------------

You can purchase from the cart in the deals blog at the click of the icon below

※ ↓ カ ー ト カ ー ト Blog in the cart is advantageous!

1 Aoi Rena-chan and Nanami Yua-chan's subjective face licking → Tubabello appreciation → Spiting spit!

It is blamed from two people in a subjective video!

"Do you like this?"

Rena first licks Beron and cheeks first, followed by Yua

Two people who are screwed tongue and tongue in the nose while bathing too bad halitosis

Squid that accumulated and accumulated is dropped to the face and processed

I will make a closed state as if Yua-chan and Rena-chan alternately cover the hole in the nose

In addition, the luxury blame which simultaneously blocks one hole with two people also shows off!

"Are you going to be erected with a cock in your face?"

Tongue attacks from both sides while having a word attack

What kind of smell does two people's spit mix on the face? I can not collect!

Then the lens licks two people and licks the lens alternately

And lastly,

"Why not just give up?

Two people spit up vigorously while making a vulgar noise

The lens is already spit, and spit constantly drops from top to bottom!

Please enjoy the luxurious subjectivity video

Recording: about 13 minutes

2 The Tubabero Request To Aoi Rina-chan And Nanami Yua-chan Who Knowed The Fetish No Longer!

For two people who already know what kind of fetishism and how to rejoice

Again, M man has a request to play best

Indeed, at the same time you can reach to the ugly place and at the same time two beautiful women

It is a sight that can not be seen that I can make a request.

At first let me smell bad breath badly

Next, I will get both sides of the cheek at the same time with Beron Veron

The soft tongue of two people crawls on the sides of the cheeks, so it's hot with two people's saliva

Of course it is also necessary to lick the nose

I put a tongue in a nostril and asked to squeeze,

It's the best that I'm putting it up and putting it in my nose, and it's great lol

Especially when I get smell of two tongues and saliva at the same time, it looks really happy.

Also, the smell of the side is kunkakunka sniffed,

I let a spit aside and let it smell and I can not collect it to smell fetish!

A lot of saliva falls from M M-kun's face in a while

There is no man who can endure this

When an neko turns into a bin ...

The last is licked by handjob while licking the nose

I will not be blamed by two beautiful girls at the same time ...

It is likely to be weird just to imagine

Please enjoy

Recording: about 13 minutes

3 [Tsubabero M man] Aoi Rena-chan and Nanami Yua-chan run a shorts thief for a torture!

It is always the most popular Rena-chan in the school year, but with a relaxed character

The recorder is always praised by someone, and the slippers are taken away

If you leave your personal belongings in school you will always be stolen

I was disappointed 1

And when the pool class is over and I return to the classroom today,

I have no favorite panties!

When Yua-chan, a friend of her, finds out that she is doing something like this

After school, Yua-chan caught the true criminal and tied it to the physical education storehouse

The true culprit was Rekka-chan, who likes it and can not help it.

However, such a thing is no longer the only way to turn

We will talk about a buddy and bully bad classmate together

"What's this? Shira-ne, I am not."

Bad confessions

Two people will blame the bad pun for punishment as punishment!

Bet a lot of spit! Bet! Bet! Or be

Beron Beron is licked in the face,

Spited on the face

The nose is licked by Belong Veron,

You can feel the smell by pressing your nose with your tongue

Put a tongue in the nostril and be pistoned,

Drink lots of spit ...

The amount of saliva of two people is very bad and the face of the bad is flooded

The saliva of two people is mixed and the smell seems to be transmitted to the other side of the screen

Bad kun's dick who received brutish spit blame ... why in the bin bin

Lena-chan licks her face, her nose to Belong Veron,

Yua chan spit on her pussy and she gets wet!

Rena-chan and Yua-chan, surrounded by two people's salivary odor,

Beronberon licks your nose while being licked

The amount of saliva is great with both!

※ It is a good level!

Please enjoy

Recording: about 11 minutes

4 outbursts continued! ? W filthy anoyana and Nanami Yunono No tababeroo what blame?

I'm not always taking care of it, but after all I was shooting

With the mind of the measure (recording time)

Besides, I want to see more of the people I'm doing is not sex

There is a place where the blame of the cock is adjusted somewhat

So this time there is no direction to the two before shooting, without worrying about the measure, the two barely, as they are

Please show me your serious chubby brave !!!

The two men in uniform begin to blame like a dream to lick the man's face from both sides

It looks like it is already comfortable, though it's a kind of confusing face that is just like perceiving a small face

Two people alternately enjoy spit in the face of a man by dripping with a pottot and enjoying it

It is the first time for two people to clog their own and return to their face

I let a man's mouth draw a spit and give it a drink.

And when I check the lower body of erection bottle already, pants are taken off

And the first voice

"Hey, don't you put on your skin?

Certainly, if you look at the usual AV actor's cock like every day

The cock of the extra actor is ...

However, a man who is excited for some reason to say that it is small

Wearing skin, hard but small, what a surprise expression w

It will be a word that can not usually be said even though I usually think

Girl-specific, in the case of either going to tune in there once said either

Impressions w wow small dicks of Gachi not directing from two pretty girls

While being stupid, while doing handjob Shikoshiko for simultaneous deployment of bechobecho and face licking

No way ...

The hand job starts and it will be squid in just one minute

Only 4 minutes so far ...

There are no clips that end in 4 minutes ...

Suddenly have another acting as a substitute (the second extra)

If you are immediately licking your face

Draw a spit from above and drip up from the neck to scoop up the dropped spit.

The right and left simultaneously lick the tongue and the nose alternately sucks Juba Juba

Yua-chan blame the nose as it is

Rena-chan takes off her pants and is handjob!

Finish as it is in no time!


Immediately after that the blame continues and it is happy two painful consecutive shots? ?

Please enjoy

Recording: about 10 minutes

5 Aoi Rena-chan And Nanami Yua-chan's Perverted Man Thoroughly Tied Up A Large Amount Of Saliva!

Two people have spit in their mouth

Show each of the spit collected in the mouth

A man who is getting a knee pillow from Rena-chan

First of all, Rena-chan continues to draw a thick spit on the man's face.

Because I see it, the sticky spit is pervaded in the face and nose of a man, and I can see the smell of the spit of chan.

Then Yua-chan also loses her cock and drips at a close distance to the man

Rena-chan and Yua-chan's saliva will spread in the face

In addition, two people drop a fresh spout mixed with dirt with a toothbrush on the face

The smell that those who spit also smells is full of room!

Two people smearing such stinging spit on the face

"I'll make you smell more"

Rena-chan holds a man and squeezes his head while dripping spit on his face, Yua-chan also continues

"Will you kiss me?"

It is said that the cheek of M man who is awakening recently kiss fetish looses

The moment you bring your mouth close with a kiss face

"Pe! ! ! 'And spit a lot of spit!

Furthermore, if you squeeze the tongue in your nose with your tongue, the man will make the crotch swell

Yua-chan, who has grown up, takes off her pants and goes to blowjob

Rena-chan's nose is covered with tongue

Yua-Chan has a son with a tongue

If you are a fetish guy, do you understand?

If I do this, I can not stand it anymore

It shoots with Yua-chan's hand job while being licked by the last Hana-chan!

It's the best shikority!

Imagine the smell of everyone's cute Yua-chan, Rena-chan's spit and pull out a lot!

Recording: about 14 minutes

6 [Tsubabero M man] Aoi Rena-chan and Nanami Yua-chan play a large amount of water in the bath.

Two Yua-chan and Rena-Chan beauties surrounded by water in the side of a naked man

Two people grab a man's face and spit

Alternately licking nose snooze with jupojupo

A man smells the smell of such a cute two people's spit and is excited

Just stop waking up and cook two women in a small private room, lighting up the photographer to the actor

The temperature is about 30 ° C or more, and the smell of sputum and spit of two people who are mlemure with sweat spreads in the bathroom

Muammuang my head is already gone

Yua-chan Rena-Chan spit itself on the water and rub it against the man!

The smell of spit from Yua-chan, from the face and body

Next Yua-chan Rena-chan uses a toothbrush to slowly shower a lot of saliva on the man

Man's face is in the state of two people's spit pack

The smell of such a cute but fresh spit ...

A man gets too excited and gets weird

In addition, Rena-Chan put out that erotic tongue when you squeeze in the cock of the erected man

From the underside of the boat to the forehead, it is strongly pressed and it begins to lick it!

While Yua-Chan licks her face and nose

Rena-chan's chupachupa is licked and excitement is MAX!

Imagine that everyone is covered in saliva all over the face and body, please put out a lot!

Recording: about 13 minutes

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